1 Shot, 7 Arrested, During Ferguson Curfew Enforcement Showdown Sunday Morning

Police and protesters clashed again Sunday morning in Ferguson, Missouri as  officers attempted to enforce a curfew that took effect at midnight. Seven people were arrested and one person was shot, reports numerous media outlets. Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ronald Johnson said the person shot is in critical condition, but he couldn’t confirm whether […]
August 17, 2014 0

The Police State is Uniting Groups Across the Political Spectrum

Groups from both the left and right ends of the mainstream political spectrum are uniting behind calls to end what they say is the rise of a “militarized” police state in the United States. They say the controversial police tactics seen this week in Ferguson, Mo., are not isolated to the St. Louis County Police […]
August 16, 2014 0

Police Kill Mentally Ill 19-Year-Old Woman Who Pointed Drill at Them

A 19-year-old mentally-ill woman was shot and killed by San Jose, California police after she pointed what was later determined to be a cordless power drill at officers, authorities said Thursday. The woman was shot near Blossom Hill Road and Playa Del Rey shortly before 11 a.m. by Officer Wakana Okuma, a 13-year department veteran, […]
August 15, 2014 0

Protests Continue in Ferguson, Mo. After Cops Arrest Reporters

Protests continued for the fifth straight night Wednesday in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson over the police killing of an unarmed black teenager. Armored personnel carriers and officers wearing body armor and carrying assault rifles greeted demonstrators. When the crowd ignored orders to disperse, officers unleashed tear gas and rubber bullets, witnesses said. Police […]
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Mother: LAPD Shot My Son While He Was Face Down On the Ground

In the wake of the Mike Brown tragedy in Missouri, details about another African American male being shot and killed by police, emerged Tuesday. 25-year-old Ezell Ford died from gun shot wounds after an encounter with Los Angeles Police officers in the Southern part of the city on Monday, reports KTLA. Monday evening, shortly after a […]
August 13, 2014 1

Lithuanian Troops To Conduct Operations In Pennsylvania With National Guard

Unbeknownst to most Americas, foreign troops regularly train and are stationed in the United States. Police State Daily recently came across a story about Lithuanian dignitaries and other dignitaries visiting Fort Indiantown Gap and the Pennsylvania State Capitol as part of an apparent partnership between Lithuania and the Pennsylvania National Guard. Evidently, Lithuania and Pennsylvania […]
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Alaskan Tribal Leaders Address Police Brutality Concerns Against Indigenous

Alaskan Tribal leaders in Bethel are addressing police brutality allegations against indigenous Alaska Natives. The Orutsararmiut Native Council (ONC) is urging people to come forward regarding such allegations. In a press release, ONC president Gloria Simeon says the council is very disturbed by recent allegations of brutality by a City of Bethel Police Officer towards […]
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Dallas Officer Kills Unarmed Man Who “Rushed at Him”

Source: WFAA An unarmed man was shot and killed Sunday by a Dallas Police officer who said the man “rushed at him,” numerous media outlets say. The officer involved has been identified as Senior Corporal Antonio Hudson, a seven year veteran. The victim is 26-year-old Andrew Scott Gaynier. Dallas police say they got a disturbance […]
August 10, 2014 3
raid kids

Family Says SWAT Team Raided Wrong Home, Assaulted Children

A Florida family is taking legal action after a Miami SWAT team raided their home and allegedly beat up a 13-year-old and 12-year-old child. 12-year-old Aaron McClendon was home alone with his brother and his 13-year-old cousin when SWAT officers ransacked the house around 11 a.m. on Thursday morning, reports say. The officers reportedly forced […]
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dog protestors

Pennsylvania Dog Owners Hold Protest at Police Station After Officer Kills Another Canine

RELATED: Michigan Police Heard on Dashcam Footage Admitting Plan to Shoot Barking Dog Before Killing it RELATED: Baltimore Police Officer Arrested After Slitting Dogs Throat Around a hundred dog owners attended a protest rally at the Lancaster City police station in Pennsylvania Thursday, attendee Vanessa Horne, who spoke with Police State Daily, said. Protestors assembled […]
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Alonzo Grant

Man Calls 911: Police Come and Beat Him Up

A Syracuse man says officers brutalized him after he called 911 to break up an altercation outside his home. Alonzo Grant had returned home from work at 7:30 p.m. on June 28. There he found his adult daughter in a verbal argument with a neighbor. One of Grant’s lawyers, civil-rights attorney Charles Bonner, says Grant […]
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