• Unidentified DHS officer retrieving mans recording smartphone seconds before killing the feed at a 'border' checkpoint in Laredo, TX

    Video Recovered After DHS Coerce Man to Delete Footage, Detain For Asserting Right to Remain Silent

    DHS officers thought they covered all their bases when they arrested a man who recently asserted his...

  • Pittsburgh Police Officers pulling Reverend Earl Baldwin from his step-son's bed side moments before tasing him

    Video: Police Tase Reverend Praying Over Shot Step-Son at Hospital

    A Pittsburgh Reverend is suing police who used a taser on him in a hospital emergency room while he ...

  • Officers from the infamous Waldo Police Department in Florida

    Infamous Speed Trap Town May Loose Police Dept. After Illegal Ticket Quota Scandal

    A tiny north Florida town infamous for its speed trap policing may lose its police department after ...

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