Echo Flex is an affordable way to put Alexa in any outlet

McDonald's launches world's 1st voice-initiated job applications

Jobseekers can now find work at McDonalds through Alexa

Amazon unveiled a lineup of new Alexa-powered products on Wednesday extending from homes and cars to wearable devices, and a celebrity voice option for the popular digital assistant. It has a tiny speaker, so don't expect the Flex to play djay.

The Amazon Echo Studio has left, right and top midrange speakers that promise directional sound, a directional tweeter claiming "high end performance", plus a 5.25-inch bass driver and bass port in an effort to deliver "the best bass response we knew how to deliver". It'll also support linking with a 4K Fire TV, for improved audio for TV and movie content. Echo Studio will be priced at $199.99, and will be up for preorder today.

Pairing capabilities, meanwhile, will allow two Echo Studio to work together for stereo sound, and you'll be able to connect it to an Echo Sub, too. And Amazon hopes to entice them with a sub-$200 price tag; the Echo Studio is available for pre-order now for $199; it arrives November 7.

"Privacy is foundational to everything we do around Alexa", Amazon senior vice president of devices and services Dave Limp said before diving into new devices launching for the year-end holiday shopping season.

The Echo Buds are Amazon's first headphones, emphasizing noise cancelling with Bose smart isolation.

Promising "excellent sound", each earbud has two balanced armature drivers.

The new fast-charging, sweat-resistant Echo Buds provide up to five hours of power on a single charge, and also come with a sleek charging case that provides 20 total hours of power. They work with Siri and Google Assistant, in addition to Alexa.

For those looking for an ever cheaper way to bring Alexa into their home, the company also announced an update to its smallest model of Echo speaker, the Dot.

It's going to cost $99 in the U.S. or £89.99 in the United Kingdom and will be available from 25 September. Both are due for release later this year.

New hardware wasn't the only big news for Amazon's smart speakers.

"Across our major global markets, we've already implemented a range of initiatives from online scheduling systems - which enable our people to take greater control of their working hours - to the use of gamification and augmented reality in the delivery of our core training programs".

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