Pokemon Sword and Shield surprise: Blockbuster crossover discovered by fans

24-hour Pokemon Sword and Shield livestream will reveal new Pokemon next week

Pokemon Sword and Shield 24-hour livestream to show Luminous Maze Forest and various Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a November 15 release date, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

The Pokemon Company invites fans to tune into a 24-hour stream of Pokémon Sword and Shield next week, teasing that attentive observers may find a few surprises.

The live stream will feature a camera to capture Pokemon Observation in the forest area called Glimwood Tangle.

It was revealed that the research will be conducted by Sonia, the assistant and granddaughter of Professor Magnolia so that they can observe the Pokemon in their natural habitat.

There's a weird Pokemon Sword & Shield livestream coming on October 4th.

"I'm sending this message because I could really use your help with some research I'm doing", reads Sonia's message, "Next week, a camera will be set up in a odd forest here in Galar". It will take place starting Friday, October 4 at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET.

"Next week, a camera will be set up in a odd forest here in Galar known as Glimwood Tangle, and the camera will begin broadcasting live footage".

There's no confirmation at this time, but based on what we know, this could lead to new takes on Weezing, as well as Zigzagoon and Linoone - the only confirmed Galaring formes at this time.

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