Leaked marketing videos show the 'new Google Assistant' on the Pixel 4

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Leaked marketing videos show the 'new Google Assistant' on the Pixel 4

Only time will tell whether the Pixel 4 will continue the Pixel's legacy of excellent smartphone cameras. Besides, the press image also shows off an orange-colored power key on the Pixel 4 XL. A few months ago, Google's Emergency Information app had hinted that the company could add auto crash detection capability to Pixel smartphones.

The feature will be rolled out to Pixel phones in the United States. The app will reportedly make use of various sensors, including the accelerometer and microphone, to attempt the detect an accident. If you remain immobile for 60 seconds after the hard fall, the Watch automatically calls the emergency services.

Another example shows that you can open the Google Photos app, specify what kind of pictures you want to see, and send it as a message attachment to one of your contacts. Both apps are speculated to come pre-installed on the Pixel 4. In Europe, the eCall system is now required in all new cars.

Along with the outline, in XDA Builders they've been capable of take a number of the app's captures, so this time it's not only a reference in an software, however an actual and tangible product that's more likely to be offered subsequent 15 of October on the Google Pixel four occasion.

As noted by Google, the Live Caption feature is performed on the phone itself, meaning you don't even need an internet connection to use it. Google is now back onto the business as well. You will have to tap a button on the screen to activate Hold My Phone.

With the launch of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL right around the corner, it is no surprise for Google to put its predecessor on discount to clear off some stocks. The reason behind such a large (compared to other phones) top bezel is the hardware Google had to shove at the top of the phone, including the radar used by Project Soli.

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