Draconids 2019: When is the Draconid meteor shower? When is the peak?

Back-to-Back Meteor Showers Will Hit Night Sky This Week

National Look up! 2 different meteor showers to peak this week Scripps National 1:23 PM

Stargazers will want to look for meteors in areas of the sky away from the moon, since it will take up most of the sky at night.

According to United States space agency NASA, the shower produces between 10 and 20 shooting stars an hour.

The Southern Taurids are a minor shower with fewer than 10 meteors per hour, but the American Meteor Society says "the Taurids are rich in fireballs".

Unfortunately, the same experts say the Draconids is one of the least interesting meteor showers of the year.

The Draconid meteor shower is caused when the Earth "collides with bits of debris shed by periodic comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinnerfor", according to NASA. On some occasions, however, the shower has produced as many as 140 meteors per hour, such as during an outburst in 2018. They can be so bright that they can cast shadows on the ground for several seconds.

A meteor shower is set to peak this evening, giving you your best chance of spotting a shooting star, making a wish and having all your dreams come true. or something.

"This shower favours the Northern Hemisphere but Southern Hemisphere observers might catch some Draconids too". After about 30 minutes in the dark, your eyes will adapt and you will begin to see meteors.

It may be hard for people along the east coast to catch a glimpse of the two meteor showers, as cloudy skies and poor weather will affect viewing conditions.

As ever, the best chance you have of seeing the meteor shower is getting out as far away from light pollution as possible. Dress for the weather, and make sure you're comfortable if you plan to stay out long. Some suggest bringing a blanket or chair, as meteor-watching can be a waiting game.

Speaking to Space.com, Cooke said: "The Draconids are one of those showers where you either see a bunch of them or none of them". But this isn't the case.

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