Corbyn Unlikely to Support Brexit Deal between Johnson, EU

RED LORRY GREEN LORRY The form of hard Brexit now apparently in prospect mitigates only the negative impact on North South trade — and is dwarfed by the potential damage to trade with Great Britain and the disruption to Continental surface transport

Corbyn Unlikely to Support Brexit Deal between Johnson, EU

In a pivotal week that could decide the future of Brexit and the fate of the world's fifth largest economy, Johnson is trying to strike an exit deal with the European Union to allow an orderly split with its biggest trading partner on October 31.

If the stalemate is not broken at this point, a law recently passed by the parliament dictates that London must ask the European Union to extend the October 31 deadline to January 31 - a period in which a national election may be held to try to break the Brexit deadlock. "It is good to see progress, but we will wait to see if this is a genuine breakthrough".

"We are a long way from a final deal and the weekend and next week remain critical to leaving with a deal on October 31. That tells you the kind of country he wants Britain to be after Brexit, which is not the kind of country we would want to see come into being".

'After one of many least-active parliaments in residing reminiscence, the proposals we're bringing ahead will get this nation shifting once more.

The measures embrace a brand new Surroundings Invoice setting legally binding targets to scale back plastics, restore biodiversity, enhance water high quality and minimize air air pollution.

Constructing security requirements with the institution of a brand new regulator with powers to impose prison sanctions for breaches of constructing laws.

There was anger after it emerged that an anticipated Invoice to guard army veterans of the Northern Eire Troubles from repeated investigations into alleged historic offences appeared to have been dropped.

Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg said compromise was inevitable and Mr Johnson could be "trusted" to get an agreement acceptable to leave-backing MPs.

'The message is: 'Let's finish this off.' The alternative is to agree a friendly version of no deal and finish it that way'.

Pressed on the DUP's Westminster leader Nigel Dodds speaking out against rumours of the details of the Prime Minister's plan on social media, Mr Rees-Mogg said: "The Prime Minister is Minister of the Union and is deeply and personally committed to ensuring the union is robust and prosperous".

"He'll be talking to Merkel, Macron and Juncker by the end of Monday to see if there's agreement on a "landing zone" for Northern Ireland and customs", the source was quoted as telling the newspaper.

'He wants to take back control and has dedicated his political career to this noble cause.

'If he thinks the ship of state is worth an extra ha'porth of tar he deserves help'.

European officials said the bloc's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier will also brief EU ambassadors on the state of play on Sunday evening.

Lawmaker Nigel Dodds of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party - which props up Johnson's Conservative minority government - has rejected one suggested compromise, in which Northern Ireland stayed in a customs partnership with the European Union in order to remove the need for border checks.

"So it's very critical to understand that Boris Johnson's deal would be damaging to Scotland and more damaging in fact than Theresa May's would have been".

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