Fortnite’s Season 10 finale drew the entire game into a black hole

Fortnite’s Season 10 finale drew the entire game into a black hole

Fortnite’s Season 10 finale drew the entire game into a black hole

The most recent in-game season ending event was drastically different from past events. When you boot up the game, all you'll see is a black hole taunting you from a great, dark abyss.

While we're still not sure what Fortnite is brewing up, gamers at least had memes to help soften the blow. The game, and all social media feeds, were down following the event, having been replaced by a livestream video of an idling black hole.

The internet was thrown into chaos yesterday when the entire Fortnite universe (map, players, and all) was sucked into a black hole from which many thought there would be no return. An empty void greets players, with no ability to play the game. There have been hints of a new map, and a supposed leaked battle pass trailer shows possible new weapons, a new way to level up, and new things to do.

Epic Games said on Twitter on Wednesday morning (NZ time) that players could now drop into the new map. Will it be a reworking of the original map entirely or a brand new zone to explore in addition to the world that players have called home for ten seasons of chicken dinner now?

Never one to disappoint, Twitter was filled with great reactions to the appearance of the black hole. Meanwhile, Fortnite erased its Twitch account, updated its Instagram with (of course) black hole pictures and deleted every tweet with the exception of the one, which just so happens to be a livestream of the game.

It's been more than 12 hours since the catastrophic event brought down Fortnite, and as of writing there has been no official news about the beginning of Season 11/Chapter 2. Rather than hype players up with a insane loot drop, or new in-game features, the Fortnite map we all know and love disappeared. It's unclear how long Epic intends to leave the game in this state, but it surely won't be for too much longer. I'll have more impressions as I play more.

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