U.S. claims cyber strike on Iran after attack on Saudi oil facility

Oct. 13 2019 and released by the official news agency of the Iranian Oil Ministry SHANA shows the scene of damage by two missiles that allegedly struck the Iranian oil tanker Sabiti at the Red Sea. Iran's President Ha

Iran oil tanker damage from apparent missile attack captured in new photos

Pakistan has strong relations with Saudi Arabia, with more than 2.5 million of its nationals living and working in the kingdom, but it also maintains good relations with Iran and represents Tehran's consular interests in the United States (US). Prime Minister Imran, according to Qureshi, took the same message to Saudi Arabia.

From the Saudi side, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman paid a state visit to Pakistan in February 2019.

The tensions culminated in a September 14 attack on key Saudi oil infrastructure that halved the kingdom's oil production.

"The footages that the cameras mounted on the oil tanker have taken show that the attack has been carried out by the U.S., the Zionist regime and al-Saud", MP Abolfazl Hassan Beigi was quoted saying by the Fars news agency.

Since then, Khan has attempted to play the role of facilitator to arrange talks between Riyadh and Tehran.

Before visiting Riyadh, Prime Minister Imran told CNN in an interview that President Trump had asked him to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

"For sure, a regime assisted by certain states has carried out this [attack], and we are studying the incident to see what has happened", said Rouhani, according to the Iranian Fars news.

Khan's visit comes after he traveled Sunday to Iran, where he met President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Tehran soon afterwards shot down an unmanned USA drone.

Houthi rebels in Yemen on the other hand took responsibility.

"We do not want a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran". They also have identical views on the Palestinian issue, as well as the will to resolve the Syrian crisis peacefully in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions.

Iran said Friday the ship was targeted in a missile attack, a claim that has yet to be corroborated.

Later in 1997, a meeting of the leadership of Iran and Saudi Arabia was hosted in Islamabad on the sidelines of an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit.

The Saudi leadership appreciated the serious efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan towards promoting peace and stability in the region and the impact of this initiative on the de-escalation of tensions. On that occasion, Saudi Arabia did not encourage the initiative.

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