New artbook seems to confirm Diablo IV

Image Alex Walker

Image Alex Walker

Regarding leaks, Blizzard will announce the continuation of its famous electronic sports title, Overwatch, to Blizzcon 2019.

Last year, was the disastrous announcement of Immortal Diablo - a mobile game that seems to have disappeared in the dark since. Will this be the year? They even claimed that Blizzard canceled a StarCraft first-person shooter for this sequel and an upcoming Diablo 4.

Fans have been waiting for some updates on Diablo 4 for quite some time, but Blizzard has pretty much kept a tight lip on its development.

While the post doesn't offer any additional details about the supposed announcement, it's enough for some observers to consider the news, given Metro's history of revealing previous BlizzCon rumblings that later proved true.

The ad for the book says that it features "over 500 artworks" from Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III... and Diablo IV.

Along with the announcement for Diablo IV, there is also an upcoming remaster of beloved Diablo II, arguably the best instalment of the franchise so far.

An advert by Blizzard themselves for a book titled "The Art of Diablo" appears to have leaked the existence of Diablo 4. With all the recent problems and frustration of fans, Blizzard has faced the issue since the company chose to ban a Hearthstone player for protesting the treatment of the Chinese government in Hong Kong.

It's been a tough few weeks for Blizzard not only has the Switch release of Overwatch been contentious but the company has also been mired in controversy following the protests in Hong Kong.

"In the conversations that have taken place since [BlizzCon 2018] two sources tell me that, regardless of the company's statement, it was expected in 2018 to announce the game [Diablo 4] this year", noted Kotaku.

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