Grandfather charged with negligent homicide in toddler’s death on cruise ship

Grandfather who 'dropped 18-month-old granddaughter from cruise ship window' is charged over death

Grandfather charged in Puerto Rico cruise ship death

The grandfather of a toddler who fell to her death from an open window on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in July has been charged with negligent homicide.

The man was arrested Monday after prosecutors submitted evidence that she fell only after he picked her up and held her up to an open window.

Mr Anello put her on the railing of a children's play area, believing there was glass there, the family claims.

Attorney Michael Winkleman said in a statement that the child's death was "a tragic accident", and that the family, who is from the northern in community of Granger, will be filing a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean "very soon".

He is due to appear in court there on November 20, and it wasn't immediately clear if he would be allowed to return home in the meantime.

He told the BBC in a statement at the time that Chloe's grandfather did not drop her, but she fell from an open pane that should have been closed securely. She loved to bang on the glass at her brother's hockey games, and Anello expected she would do the same there. The move has been met with anger from her family, who hold the cruise line responsible for the tragedy.

"These criminal charges are pouring salt on the open wounds of this grieving family".

"Had Royal Caribbean simply followed the rules and regulations that are designed precisely to prevent children from falling out of windows, we wouldn't be here talking about any of this", Winkleman said.

"We obviously blame them", Kimberly, a former St. Joseph County deputy prosecutor, told NBC's "Today" show earlier this year.

"He was extremely hysterical, " she said. "I mean, we've all had that experience where someone walks into a glass sliding door thinking it's not there". "This can not happen to another family", she added. "[Chloe] was his best friend". "There are a million things that could've been done to make that safer".

She fell through a large, open window, landing on the concrete dock below. "And I just kept saying, 'Take me to my baby".

"You can barely look at him without him crying", Kimberly Wiegand.

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