Fingerface brings Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock to unsupported apps

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Google Pay finally adds biometric authentication for money transfers - news

Now available, the updated app is based on Google Camera 7.2 and provides several new features to the older Google phones.

Users will need to update to the latest version, which is version 2.100, of the Google Pay app in order to be able to use the biometric authentication system as a means for sending money.

Besides the glaring flaw that unlocks the phone even with your eyes closed, the Pixel 4 face unlock feature also won't let you add a second face for authentication despite somehow letting twins that are not so identical easily fool it. Fingerprint and facial recognition are rather more secure, and decidedly more user-friendly. For those using Android 10 phones, Google Pay now allows them to use their fingerprint or face to authenticate transactions, in addition to using a simple PIN. It is not clear at the moment whether users of older versions of the operating system will also be given access to the feature. Apple Pay and Google Pay now support hundreds of banks and financial institutions, which makes it easier for customers to pay with their phones more often than not. Specifically you'll need Google Pay 2.100 (or later), which you can grab from the Play Store, or from APK Mirror if you don't feel like waiting for it to roll out.

The feature is now only available for Android 10 devices and is found in the Sending money settings section of the app.

The study did not look at whether the EU's General Data Protection Regulation laws would bring greater oversight to pre-installed apps on Android devices.

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