Thousands march in Scotland for independence from Britain

Thousands march in Scotland for independence from Britain

Thousands march in Scotland for independence from Britain

Nicola Sturgeon previously used her speech at the SNP conference to insist a second referendum on Scottish independence "must" take place in 2020.

But those comments would have meant little to a saltire-waving crowd that appeared confident the SNP can go someway to repeating its greatest election result when it came close to a clean-sweep of constituencies north of the Border in 2015.

Sturgeon said a British general election scheduled for December 12 represented a "crossroads moment" for Scotland.

The First Minister and SNP leader urged Scots to "demand the right to choose a better future".

Speaking about her party's record with the Conservatives in the coalition government, Ms Swinson said: "We didn't get everything right".

We face a catastrophic Brexit which would cost jobs and do huge damage to Scotland as a nation. Where tax cuts for the wealthiest take priority over our people and public services - that is not the Scotland that we want. A future where there is a hostile environment for migrants.

Labour's indications that they would not seek to stand in the way of such a mandate show that they understand the reality - which is that, whatever the bluster of recent times, attempts to block Scotland's democratic right simply can not stand.

Should the Conservatives fall short on approving a Brexit deal within a margin of 10 votes, PM Boris Johnson would likely lobby smaller parties for support, making the SNP bloc irrelevant.

DONALD TRUMP has called Jeremy Corbyn "so bad" for the United Kingdom - while hailing Boris Johnson as the "right guy for the times".

"The days when Scotland has to make do with the choice of the lesser of two evils - these days must come to an end".

"We need to persuade people that the Labour Party is the only party that will stand up against Boris Johnson, get him out, but more importantly that we are the only party that offers an alternative that is radical, that will transform people's lives". Why are you so scared of having real debate?

"This election is Scotland's chance to escape Brexit and to put our future in our own hands", she said.

In Scotland's first referendum in 2014, 55% of voters opposed splitting from the UK. And hope, because that Parliament was indeed delivered, and I believe now more than ever that independence will similarly be achieved.

Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells said: "Annie Wells said: "While Nicola Sturgeon is banging on about indyref2, I'm out talking to people about the state of their local schools, the drug deaths crisis and violent crime taking over our streets, and the problems at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital".

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson will join her latest acquisition Sam Gyimah on Saturday as he launches his campaign to take London's Kensington seat from Labour. "She is showing everyone that her priority is indyref2 above everything else".

Ms Swinson has been styling herself as Britain's next prime minister since winning her party's leadership election and has said both of the main parties are led by men not fit to be prime minister.

"Instead of tackling the day-to-day things that Glaswegians care about, Nicola Sturgeon is headlining a nationalist rally".

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