Microsoft's Edge Chromium browser is arriving in January

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft's Edge Chromium browser is arriving in January

The new Graph connectors preview program declared these days provides more than 100 connectors to goods and providers which include, ServiceNow, Box and much more.

Microsoft has unveiled and brand new and radically refreshed logo for Edge, the company's chromium-based web browser. Currently, the new Edge is only available to beta testers.

The Microsoft Edge is sort of a stripped-down Internet Explorer but with a more modernized features that makes it more sophisticated.

Semantic search. With intelligent, natural language search capabilities in Microsoft Search, users can now type out their search as if they were having a normal conversation and the engine can better understand the semantic meaning or user intent of this search, bringing back the most relevant documents and information.

This date will see the arrival of Edge Chromium on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and macOS.

Microsoft is refreshing its logo for the Chromium-based Edge browser.

The browser is about to be updated to run on Google's Chromium framework, so Microsoft decided its logo needed a bit of a refresh. Microsoft is clearly breaking from convention here to a Chromium version of Edge, and it'll be interesting to learn the company picked this specific layout. These connectors will be commonly offered in the initially 50 percent of 2020.

The logo now seems to align with Microsoft's Fluent Design overhaul for its Office apps and is expected to be part of Edge's final release that could be revealed at the company's Ignite conference next week.

"We have also designed for privacy, so display names for risky users can be anonymized by default to maintain privacy at this level of the investigation and prevent conflicts of interest like seeing a friend or your boss on the list", Microsoft adds.

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