Malicious App from Google Play Store affecting 40 Million Customers

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Malicious App from Google Play Store affecting 40 Million Customers

At the end of last year, Google Play premiered in Japan and South Korea Play points, its own fidelazation program that after a year of waiting arrives in the United States.

The points you've earned can be used for in-app items on certain games like Candy Crush or Pokemon Go or you can buy discount coupons and Google Play Credit. The issue is that Android Beam was accidentally whitelisted as a trusted source by Google, in the same way that the Play Store gets a free pass. There are a couple other perks, too, such as "Premium support from experienced agents" at the Platinum tier, or a "Weekly Gold Level prize up to 200 pts" (whatever that means) for Gold-ranking users, but they don't seem too significant.

If you don't like the idea of spending money to earn points, Google has you covered, sort of. Just open the Play Store and then tap on the menu then Play Points and you're on your way to earning points. You move up the ranks as you rake in more points, and even earn weekly prices at the higher levels. During the opening week, for instance, every user can earn three times more points than the usual points on each item bought.

Google is also allowing redemption of Play Points against a social cause. Take out a subscription, and you'll earn points. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Maps, Waze, Instagram, Microsoft Outlook, Viber, Twitter, Skype, Ebay, Amazon,, Dropbox, Excel and many others, all have brought plenty of joy to the world. "The app's tips have also involved a spike in suspicious activity at the time eliminated from the Google Enjoy retailer", the researchers claimed. Furthermore, users should keep tabs on their phones and looks for signs of malware such as increased data usage. Further investigation by Secure-D, revealed that the keyboard app was also sending invisible ads and non-human clicks to the users.

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