Microsoft's New All-In-One 'Office' App Merges Word, Excel & Powerpoint

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Microsoft's New All-In-One 'Office' App Merges Word, Excel & Powerpoint

Microsoft's new Office mobile app combines all its products, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint and brings them all under a single app. The possibilities are endless and it's up to you to make optimum use of the app. Microsoft Edge is now available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android operating platforms. Users will even be able to take a photo of a printed table and turn it into an Excel spreadsheet.

"The new Office mobile app represents our vision for what a productivity solution would look like if first built for mobile devices", Microsoft said in the blog post announcing this change in approach. And yes, Microsoft claims the all-in-one Office mobile app will take up a lot less space on your phone compared to "multiple" installed titles. Word, Excel & Powerpoint individually they have more than 1 billion downloads.

Microsoft says that with the new Office app users will be able to create new documents, presentations, and spreadsheets as well as edit and view existing documents. However, the app has been pulled from the store due to bug issues, but we will inform you whenever we get any updates. Microsoft has also revamped the Office logo from the old boxy design to a new curvy square.

The Office Mobile app, which combines lightweight versions of the company's Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps, has been available on Samsung smartphones for some time.

Google, however, has been providing strong competition to Microsoft on mobile, with the Docs, Slides and Sheets apps from its G Suite set of productivity tools all ranking higher on iOS.

You can log in to your Microsoft account which will enable syncing as well. And if you need to sign one of those PDF documents, you can just use your finger or a stylus.

Earlier in February, Microsoft launched a new Office app in Windows 10 Operating System.

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