European Union hopes US will reconsider leaving Paris climate agreement

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced earlier that Washington had officially informed the United Nations that the United States in 2020 would exit the landmark climate accord. Once it exits, the U.S. - the top historic greenhouse gas emitter and leading oil and gas producer - will become the only country outside the accord.

A group of two dozen state governors, mostly Democratic but also including Republicans, pledged to uphold the Paris climate agreement despite the Trump administration's withdrawal from it. For its part, the US had pledged to lower greenhouse-gas emissions by approximately a quarter by 2025, using 2005 levels as a benchmark. The U.S. should be a productive participant in worldwide debate about solutions to one of the most pressing issues now facing the world, one that will result in mass migrations due to drought and hunger that will worsen global conflicts, as the Pentagon has repeatedly warned. Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.

The deal set goals of foiling another 0.5 degree Celsius to 1 degree of warming from current levels. Though Trump blames Paris Agreement for the unfair financial burden on the U.S., analysts differ from his reasoning. Reacting to the formal withdrawal, Spain's environment minister Teresa Ribera said that although it was expected, the move dealt a blow- "I deeply regret this decision, which, no matter how it was announced, is no less worrying".

Indeed, in the years since the pact was created, many key worldwide players, including Brazil, China, Japan and India, have experienced economic or political upheaval, but none has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement as a result.

The European Commission spokeswoman also claimed the agreement "unites the world in addressing the pressing challenges of climate change". "The proud of our record as a world leader in reducing all emissions, fostering resilience, growing our economy and ensuring energy for our citizens".

The Trump administration in August proposed rescinding Obama-era limits on oil and gas industry emissions of methane, one of the main pollutants scientists link to climate change.

"By withdrawing from the Paris agreement, the Trump administration is showing that it cares neither about science nor economics". The effective output, however, may not occur until November of 2020, that is to say, next after the presidential elections u.s., which still leaves a glimmer of esperaza to the UN. While the Green New Deal calls for decarbonization across the entire USA economy, it also pushes the idea that a carbon-free economy is a socially-just one, too.

President Donald Trump has argued that the Paris agreement, which includes separate emission-reduction targets for each country with a collective goal of keeping global temperature rises down, is unfair to the US and said he would only re-enter on new terms.

"Even if we were to meet these initial goals of the Paris agreement, the sea level commitment from global warming will be significant", said study co-author Peter Clark from Oregon State University in the US.

It ranked the United States as insufficient because President Donald Trump reversed former President Barack Obama's climate policies and yanked Washington out of the pact.

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