Kanye West moves inmates to tears during prison tour

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Never mind dancing to the jailhouse rock, Kanye West moved some inmates to tears during a surprise show at a prison in Texas.

Kanye stayed at the jail for a few hours and put on two separate performances, one for male prisoners and one for female prisoners.

Rapper Kanye West's conversation with Houston pastor Joel Osteen will take place during Lakewood Church's 11 a.m. service today.

Kanye performed much of his new album Jesus Is King, which he released on October 25 after numerous delays.

"Say what you want about the man", Harris County Sheriff's Office Public Affairs Director Jason Spencer tweeted.

Osteen will interview the rapper-turned-evangelist Sunday at his 17,000-seat megachurch in Houston, a church consultant advised the Houston Epic. Saving one soul at a time.

West was scheduled to speak with Joel Osteen and his Lakewood Church congregation on Sunday.

Whereas Kanye was performing on the Harris County jail, his spouse Kim Kardashian has been busy advocating for jail reform. "Inmates who switch to God may possibly get launched before [because] of superior behavior & could be less probably to commit long run crimes".

The performance was reportedly a surprise to nearly everyone at the jail, as only a few people were involved in setting it up.

Kanye and his traveling Sunday Service choir will return to perform at Lakewood later in the evening.

In a Facebook post the USA evangelist shared an article about one of West's Sunday Service's and said he was "thrilled to read about Kanye West using his testimony of what God has done in his life to point thousands of people to Jesus Christ".

The reality tv star has been lobbying to set Reed free, and according to TMZ, she met with him Friday in Livingston, TX while her hubby was rocking the jailhouse for inmates in Houston.

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