Paris Protesters to March against Deadly Domestic Violence

Women hold placards with the names of the women killed by their husband since the beginning of the year as they march against domestic violence in Paris on Nov 23 2019

Paris Protesters to March against Deadly Domestic Violence

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday in France against sexist violence, in a year marked by the alarming figure of 137 women killed by their partners, and demanded urgent measures and a budget from the executive of to combat these crimes.

The measures are expected to incorporate seizing firearms from of us suspected of domestic violence and prioritizing police practicing in thunder that they received't brush off ladies folks's complaints as a non-public affair. And frustrated activists have drawn national attention to a problem President Emmanuel Macron has called "France's shame".

France has one of the highest rates of murders linked to domestic violence in Western Europe, with at least 115 women killed by their partners or ex-partners this year alone, local media say.

"We reside in a culture that finds excuses for assailants", Alyssa Ahrabare, spokeswoman for activist crew Osez le FĂ©minisme (Strive feminism), suggested The Associated Press. The posters honor the women, and call for action. They also hold protests, lying down on the pavement to represent the dead women.

A 2014 European Union contemplate of 42,000 ladies folks at some stage in all 28 member states chanced on that 26% of French respondents acknowledged they been abused by a partner since age 15, both bodily or sexually.

Some of Saturday's marchers want 1 billion euros in government investment, though the funding is expected to fall far short of that.

Spain, by contrast, slashed its domestic violence rates following a series of legal and educational measures launched in 2004.

The demonstrations took place two days before the government is due to publish the results of an investigation into domestic violence.

Conversations about domestic violence dangle furthermore ratcheted up in neighboring Germany, where activists are tense that the length of time "femicide" be extinct to picture such killings.

The #NousToutes association, which organised the protests, estimated the turnout much higher at 100,000 in Paris and 150,000 across France.

Women's rights activist hold banners during a rally against femicide, gender-based violence and sexual harassment against women, in Paris, France, 23 November 2019.

A float that played music along the route also broadcast the names of women killed by their partners or ex-partners this year.

"We can no longer count the number of cases where femicides could have been avoided", the Paris march organisers NousToutes said on Facebook.

"Everywhere in the world, women are revolting against patriarchal, racist, institutional, environmental and economic violence", said a statement from Non Una Di Meno. There were approximately 1,00,000 women who participated in the Paris march and there were 1,50,000 across France.

Italy's Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri on Saturday announced 12 million euros would be released to help the children of women killed by their partners.

"When I was little we didn't talk about these things, we suffered in silence, and I feel that from #MeToo we can talk, because they listen to us more and more".

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