Valve Removes Nearly 1,000 Steam Games In Sudden Purge

Image Steam

Image Steam

Dropping back in 2013, the Steam Controller wanted to smash apart long-held notions of how gamepads should look, breaking from the tradition twin-stick design for two massive touch-sensitive eyes that offered more accurate tracking.

The Steam Controller blended together some unique ideas. Each day newly discounted titles will be put on the front page of the store, alongside your personal wish-list and recommendations. Valve has confirmed to The Verge that the current lot of Steam Controllers will be the last ever batch to be produced.

PCGamesN first reported that Valve was dumping loads of games off Steam, with Reddit user "thomasthelist" noting that the Steam Tracker site had recorded that hundreds of games were being scraped off Steam and freeing-up space on its storefront.

Of course, some of the benefits of the Steam Controller have also been translated into software on Steam. And I'm genuinely a little sad to think that when my Steam Controller eventually shuffles off to device heaven in a tiny sigh of defeat, there may be nothing similar to replace it.

You can practically set your watch by Steam's seasonal sales at this point, and its latest, the Steam Autumn Sale, is now live.

Currently, Steam is having a 90% off sale on the Steam Controller, so there is still time to grab one before they are gone for good in some regions, unfortunately it is already out of stock here in the UK.

Those hoping to secure a weird little piece of gaming history (or just, you know, a replacement unit in case of future mishaps) might want to keep an eye out, should more stock come in.

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