Caitlyn Jenner hasn't spoken to Khloe Kardashian in "five or six years"

Khloé Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner

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It's safe to say that Kylie Jenner can probably afford it, though - the young cosmetics mogul recently sold a 51% stake in her Kylie Cosmetics brand for a cool $600 million. The athlete turned reality TV star has temporarily moved to the Australian jungle to battle it out with 11 other celebrities in the hopes of being crowned Queen of the Jungle by the British public.

According to The Sun, the post showed Caitlyn learning one of the Girls Aloud dance routines with Nadine Coyle, Jacqueline Jossa and Adele Roberts.

Meanwhile, Kendall's father and Kris's ex Caitlyn is still Down Under, participating in reality survival series I'm a Celebrity.Get Me Out of Here! "'Dad, I've always been so proud to be your son but I've never been more proud of you than right now, '" Jenner began.

"I went through every kid and Khloe for some reason was p***ed off about something through this whole process", she added.

Further, we were told Khloe had personally called Caitlyn to say she wouldn't be at the bday bash - but she sent a huge bouquet of pink and white roses. "I don't know, we were really close, I raised her since she was five years old, I really don't know what her issues are".

Signing off the interview, Morgan and co-presenter Susanna Reid asked Hutchins if she would be flying to Australia to greet Jenner at the I'm A Celebrity final. "I really don't know".

In view of her 116,000 followers, she said: "Good Morning Britain, having Piers Morgan is your biggest mistake".

Supermodel Kendall, 24, looks as happy as she can possibly be wrapped in her mother's arms, while Kris, 64, is filmed mid-laugh as she then utters an affectionate expletive.

"I think everyone should go down under at least once in their life", Morgan said.

Another fan added: "Can't imagine how hard Caitlyn's transition must've been".

Speaking to fellow cast members around camp on this week's episode, the former Olympics legend revealed how after she opened up to her family about her transition, she pretty much stopped speaking to Khloé.

As it stands, Khloe is yet to address Caitlyn's comments.

"Piers, neither of us will ever do your show again, you have shown your true colours yet again".

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