Trump reaffirms commitment to end HIV/AIDS in 10 years

Red Scarf Project is an AIDS awareness initiative which coincides with World AIDS Day

Red Scarf Project is an AIDS awareness initiative which coincides with World AIDS Day Expand

"According to local data released in November 2019, the number of people living with HIV in Egypt is 13,000", said National AIDS Program member Faten Bayoumi at the 31st AIDS Day in Cairo on December 1.

Also 2725 people living with HIV are now alive till October 2019. The most HIV-infected people live in bigger towns, the majority of which are in Bratislava region, SITA reported, citing the statistics of the Public Health Authority (ÚVZ).

President Trump mentioned he and First Woman Melania Trump are mourning the "lives lost" on World AIDS Day and reiterated his dedication that the scourge can be eradicated in a decade. Reducing that stigma allows people to come in and seek treatment.

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) says in 2018, 1.6 million people were living with HIV in Kenya, 89% of them knew their status, 68% were on treatment, and over 270,000 of them were of the youth population.

The Wisconsin Department of Health estimates that in 2018, around 8,500 people were living with HIV in Wisconsin.

In western and central Europe and North America, however, almost 80% of people with HIV have access to ART, resulting in extremely low AIDS-related death rates compared to other world regions.

For the third year, they celebrated with singers, dancers, and testimonies from people who have been affected by the disease but not beaten by it.

The AU Commission Chairperson, however, noted that the African continent "has made remarkable achievements in the AIDS response" since the Abuja Special Summit on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Related Infectious Diseases in 2001, during which African leaders declared AIDS as a State of Emergency in the continent.

Victoria Beckham marked World Aids Day by paying tribute to the "incredible work" of her friend Sir Elton John's foundation.

He went on to say that the government would provide equitable and free HIV services to every Sierra Leone "in a stigma and discrimination free environment". "It's that while HIV infection is no longer a death sentence, it's still a life sentence". "American leadership has proven that together we can save lives". Hence, there is great importance attributed to early stage testing - a practice that is often overlooked in Egypt due to poor sexual health education.

Although the study found that, overall, new HIV infections will decline by 70% in Eastern and Southern Africa by 2050, no country in sub-Saharan Africa can expect to reduce new infections by 95% among adolescents and young people by 2030.

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