The Adorable And Helpful Robotic Ball — Samsung Ballie

A revolution in ball technology

A revolution in ball technology. Image Keith wagstaff mashable

Unfortunately, while Samsung offered a lot of hypotheticals about how we could use Ballie (as mentioned above), it wasn't able to demonstrate all of these due to the limitations of being on the CES show floor on a small demo stage. Virtual assistants are helpful at controlling your various smart home gizmos, but unless every room in your home is kitted out with smart speakers listening for commands, there will be gaps in that AI-driven experience.

'I think he likes me, ' Kim said turning to the crowd.

It's also concerning that Ballie's camera is constantly following you and collecting data about your lifestyle.

The company says that it wants Ballie to be much more than just another device, however.

During Samsung's demonstration at CES (below), Ballie rolled itself onto the stage, and followed Samsung Consumer Electronics President and CEO H.S. Kim around for about two minutes.

Mr Bryant said he thought it was unusual that Samsung had introduced Ballie, which has voice recognition capabilities, without any mention of the firm's voice-activated virtual assistant Bixby, which is built in to smartphones and TVs.

The robot is created to help people around the house using on-device AI.

On top of improving workouts, Samsung has positioned the device as a means of helping the physically impaired regain and strengthen their motor skills. What makes Samsung's approach unique is the fact that we have a very clear philosophy built around human-centered innovation", he added, highlighting three key areas of importance going forward: "technology for good, security and privacy, and citizenship.

Neon was teased in the weeks ahead of CES, though Samsung has yet to fully relay what it is or what it will do. Sony gave it a go back in 2007 with its Rolly music playing bot; in 2016, LG fit an 8-megapixel camera into its imaginatively named "Rolling Bot" to pair with its G5 flagship phone, keep an eye on your house, act as an intercom, entertain your pets, and even turn on your home appliances.

Instead of calling it a virtual assistant or artificial intelligence, the company has used phrases like "artificial human" or 'artificial intelligence being'.

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