Second town on Kangaroo Island evacuated

Australian Bushfires May Have Killed Marsupial Species

Australian wildfires undoing decades of conservation work

With the intense heat and fires now raging in Australia, parts of the country have been dealing with "pyrocumulonimbus" clouds - weather systems generated by the intense heat of the fires themselves, which bringing little rain but are packed with lightning that can spark new fires. According to the Daily Mail, thousands of koalas are thought to have died in the fires on Kangaroo Island alone. The loss of vegetation and wildlife is a disturbing outcome of the wildfires throughout the country.

Micah and Caleb drove round Kangaroo Island to rescue koalas.

Australia's National Parks and Wildlife Service closed Flinders Chase and other protected areas around Kangaroo Island while the fires spread. "It's been quite emotional". Overall, more than one billion animals are feared dead in Australia, Chris Dickman, an ecologist at the University of Sydney told CBS News.

A wind change spared the park from the wildfire's path.

The popular tourist destination is the third-largest island after Tasmania and Melville Island, and it boasts the world's only disease-free and pure-bred population of Ligurian honey bees.

The couple are now caring for about 18 burned koalas, and they have had to euthanise many more.

The dunnart is a mouse-like marsupial that can be found in Australia and New Guinea.

"Even if there are survivors, there is no food for them now", she said.

She said the creatures have long fascinated her because so little is known about them.

Heidi Groffen, an ecologist with nonprofit Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife, said the dunnarts, a type of marsupial, in particular are too small to outrun the wildfires. Even if the birds escaped the blazes, it's unclear whether they'll survive now that their habitat has been destroyed by the fires.

And many hot spots on the island continue to burn.

She said she is now writing the final chapter of the thesis she began in 2016, but that suddenly everything has changed.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has come under withering criticism both at home and overseas for downplaying the need for his government to address climate change, which experts say helps supercharge the blazes.

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