USA rolls out new Iran sanctions after airstrikes

Иран назвал условия для возвращения ядерной сделки

Report: President Trump ready to begin new nuclear talks with Iran

Trump signaled Wednesday he was stepping back from the brink of war with Iran after a United States drone strike that killed commander Qasem Soleimani was followed by Iranian missile volleys against bases housing American forces in Iraq.

A photograph that purportedly shows one of the Iranian missiles that was launched at Iraqi bases early on 8 January.

The president, in a statement announcing the new measures, referenced Iran's nuclear program and use of proxy forces throughout the region while noting that the Iranians have threatened U.S. service members, diplomats and civilians - an apparent reference to his administration's justification for killing General Qasem Soleimani in a drone strike last week in Baghdad.

"But of course it only has a future if it is complied with, and we expect that from Iran".

He was also known to be in charge of attacks on USA targets within Iraq. "We urge all our partners to continue on the path set out in the JCPOA and to create conditions for the resumption of its sustainable implementation", the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"We haven't discussed whether [the dispute resolution process] should be triggered or not", Borrell said.

European Union foreign ministers backed away from any immediate response to Iran's decision to intensify its enrichment of uranium, instead repeating their call for Tehran to respect the limits of a 2015 nuclear arms control accord.

The United States has been at loggerheads with Iran, a fierce regional rival of USA allies Israel and Saudi Arabia, for decades. "Let us see whether or not they negotiate", he said at a White House event.

In retaliation for his death, Tehran threatened that it would not respect any limits put down in the 2015 nuclear deal, which includes a restriction in nuclear research and development activities and limits on its number of uranium enrichment centrifuges. The U.S. replied with a barrage of strikes on the militia's bases, killing at least 25 people.

Assuming the allegations of a missile strike prove true, the responsibility for the tragedy rests squarely with the Iranians, Heyman added, and Canada must first focus on ensuring the families of the victims can properly grieve their losses. Many legislators, including two Republicans, said they were unsatisfied with the hearing.

Rand Paul, a GOP senator who usually aligns with Trump on domestic issues, also berated the administration's justification for the attack.

"I said how many died, how many were wounded".

"To play this game with the War Powers Act, which I think is unconstitutional, is that whether you mean to or not, you're empowering the enemy", Lindsey Graham, a staunch Trump ally in the Senate, said on Wednesday.

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