The Witcher Breaks Netflix Viewing Records - Sort Of

The Witcher billboard

The Witcher | Budrul Chukrut SOPA Images LightRocket via Getty Images

Netflix is singing its own praises about its new Henry Cavill-starring, Game Of Thrones-esque fantasy series The Witcher.

Earlier, Netflix marked an account view as a single user account seeing at least 70 percent of just one event.

The Witcher series was also one of Netflix's most popular shows of 2019, after all of its eight episodes debuted December 20.

In the meantime Greg Berlanti's stalker present, You, posted 54 million views whereas The Crown Season Three was watched by 21 million households, in line with Netflix.

The swords and sorcery show, which has received mixed reviews, finds Cavill as mercenary monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, based on the books by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, which have also been turned into a series of massively successful video games.

Nonetheless, it creates an apples and oranges state of affairs between The Witcher and former Netflix document holders.

The footnote explains that a "view" now constitutes a member choosing to watch a piece of content 'for at least 2 minutes - long enough to indicate the choice was intentional'. And a film is the flawless way to keep fans' attention during the long wait for The Witcher season two in 2021. "Other shows come out and they pop and they're dependable and they build and people are going to watch it as soon as they finish what they're watching right now". Certainly, Netflix confirms that the brand new analytics system raised viewing numbers throughout the board by about 35 p.c.

Within the first four weeks, 76 million viewers watched The Witcher.

. Ryan Reynolds action movie 6 Underground was streamed to 83 million homes in the same time frame.

Since the Witcher saga is ultimately the story of Ciri instead of Geralt and that much of season 1 was to establish the history of these characters on multiple timelines and then slowly join them together, this all sounds true.

Sergio Pablos' "Klaus", which became Netflix's first fashioned feature-length bright movie to be nominated for an Oscar, became watched by 40 million members in the first 28 days of unlock. An entry in the Writers Guild of America (WGA) website indicates that The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf is an animated movie that's now in development.

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