Huawei still wants to use Google services



The comments immediately caught the attention of the tech world since Google services are extremely popular among Android smartphones, including those released by the company. The shadow of the ban and its consequences do loom over Huawei but the fact that the company has managed to establish its own OS and is trying to develop a mature app ecosystem isn't a small feat at all. After that, Huawei has been receiving several reprieves from the ban, allowing them to buy from U.S. companies, while the United States and China work on a new trade deal.

Huawei has been making some great phones over the past few years, rapidly increasing its market share in several key markets around the world in addition to China. The ongoing trade war has hurt American companies that depended on Chinese manufacturers and suppliers as well.

All of this, for now, is practically out of Huawei's control. Although the USA hasn't had any concrete evidence supporting the claims of spying, the country has displayed extreme skepticism.

Also, it is interesting to note that the statement does not mention Google Play services in any form and just mentions Android. This has strongly eroded business prospects. But that didn't stop Huawei from stay at the top as the second biggest smartphone maker in the world right behind Samsung and above Apple because the Phones the company shipped previous year all sold out. It cited Fred Wangfei, the Country Manager for Austria saying that Huawei will still stick to its own home-grown solution. Interestingly, he added that the decision will remain valid even if the US lifts the ban, (either temporarily or permanently) in the future. I guess all we can do is wait and see if the entity list decision is reversed, and quite what Huawei wants to do when and if that happens.

According to the Standard, Wangfei promised that Huawei will not return to Google services even if the ban is lifted, for the main reason that there is no guarantee that another ban will not be applied later. Even the company bragged about how powerful its own Operating system, Harmony OS is. Although the OS may or may not be completely ready, Huawei has remained committed to the same.

The company is now attempting to circumvent this by working on its own version of Google Mobile Services. Huawei has already replicated 24 out of the 60 individual APIs through its Huawei Mobile Services alternative. What this means is unclear but we expect they will fork Android so that the apps created for Android will also work on their platform.

The Huawei P40 series, expected in March, could come with Huawei Mobile Services, said the report this week. Hence its decision to completely ditch Google Services, despite sounding risky, does make sense.

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