Trump impeachment trial day 12: All the latest updates

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Lachlan Murdoch Sets L.A. Record by Paying $150 Million for a Château-Style Mansion Mansion Global

House managers and the president's legal team are each delivering their closing arguments in the impeachment trial on February 3 before senators began to weigh in with debate on whether to remove Trump from office.

A two-thirds majority of voting senators would be required to remove Trump from office.

The House of Representatives had formally initiated the impeachment proceedings against the president on charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of presidential powers.

CNN anchor Don Lemon cries and laughs as guest mocks President Trump supporters as illiterate 'credulous rubes;' reaction from author and commentator Mark Steyn. None of the 53 Senate Republicans has indicated support for conviction.

Alexander, who is retiring, said in a statement that Trump's conduct was wrong but not impeachable. Where's the Informer? Why did Corrupt politician Schiff MAKE UP my conversation with the Ukrainian President???

Varney said we should expect the president to address the blue-collar boom, employment and trade agreements during the State of the Union - all "positive and unifying" although Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be sitting right behind him.

"When I count my blessings, I count Lamar Alexander twice".

"If you have eight witnesses who say someone left the scene of an accident, why do you need nine?", he told NBC in an interview to air Sunday.

Attorneys for both sides in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on Monday wrapped up their arguments with pleas for bipartisanship ahead of the Wednesday vote to acquit the president. And I think Iowans understand that experience matters.

"No, I'm gonna have it", he said.

These emails "reflect communications by either the President, the Vice President, or the President's immediate advisors regarding Presidential decision-making about the scope, duration, and objective of the hold on military assistance to Ukraine", OMB's deputy general counsel Heather Walsh said in the court document cited by media.

"If the Senate chooses to acquit under these circumstances, then America is in the wilderness", Rep. Hakeem Jeffries said Monday.

Rallies are set to take place across the country on Wednesday to protest the expected impeachment acquittal of President Donald Trump by the Senate.

As the heart of the case against Trump ended Friday, another Republican, Sen. "We've still got some work to do", said Sen. "He maybe did it in the wrong manner".

"Trump poll numbers are the highest since election, despite constant phony Witch Hunts!" the president tweeted on Saturday from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Nonetheless, she concluded, "Does it come to the point of removing a president?" "So, I think that it reaffirms why I would love to hear from [Mick] Mulvaney and [John] Bolton".

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 51 to 49 to block any additional witness from being called for the trial.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) told reporters Monday he disagreed with Alexander's assessment that Trump conditioned the aid on investigations. Trump denied the claim in the Bolton book, "The Room Where It Happened". Kennedy said he would vote to acquit Trump.

Trump has called the impeachment effort an attempted coup by Democrats.

"Your duty demands you convict President Trump", said Rep. Jason Crow, Colorado Democrat and one of the managers. "They are playing with the people by taking it this far!"

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