Iowa caucus meltdown was caused by app makers linked to Democratic insiders

The Iowa Democratic Party has released some of the results from Monday’s caucuses

The Iowa Democratic Party has released some of the results from Monday’s caucuses

CONCORD, N.H. - Who knows who actually will end up winning the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses, but for a day, and the most important day all cycle, the former South Bend, Ind., mayor was the perceived victor. They are trailed by Elizabeth Warren with 18.4 percent and Joe Biden with 15.4 percent. Amy Klobuchar, who just days ago polled in single digits. He's speaking this evening in New Hampshire. Department of Homeland Security officials also say they offered to test the new smartphone app for security flaws in advance of the caucuses, but that the Iowa Democratic party declined.

Still, with just 62% of the caucus precincts reporting, the final results remained anybody's guess.

Between the lines: The Democratic field has spent stunningly little time campaigning in New Hampshire.

Sanders continues to lead Buttigieg in the greatest support among caucus-goers at the first and second round of balloting.

US Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders addresses supporters during in Des Moines, Iowa.

The Iowa chaos got the Democratic race off to a clumsy start. There was talk of problems with a new app that was being used for reporting vote totals, but the specifics were light, and there was also speculation over whether the planned release of additional data on different rounds of voting was holding things up.

"For detractors of President Trump, including you, including Democrats, one of their major concerns is he throws into question the legitimacy of institutions, not the least of which is the election process".

Colorado Democratic Chair Morgan Carroll said the party was never planning on using the Shadow app at its March 7 caucuses, which no longer determine presidential candidates but are still the first step toward nominating candidates to state offices and the Congressional representatives.

Iowa looks like a mess, and we now have to deal with a bunch of conspiracy theories destroying the credibility of the caucus results instead of working to make our process more inclusive and accessible.

The Iowa Democratic Party has released some of the results from Monday’s caucuses
The Iowa Democratic Party has released some of the results from Monday’s caucuses

The real discussion, post-Iowa, is whether Tom Perez's Democratic Party can galvanize the necessary vision, enthusiasm and opposition to beat Donald Trump in November - or not. As my friend Ben Kaplan said, "The press are not calling this a debacle because there are widespread reports of poorly run caucuses, or of inaccurate delegate or alignment counts; they're calling it a debacle because anchors had to fill dead air".

"We had a good night last night in Iowa".

The party has released 75% of the vote as of Wednesday afternoon. Romney went on to be the nominee.

On Monday, after his prediction came true and the party was unable provide any results on election night, Yepsen was even more morose: "RIP caucuses". But what I teach my son is that love is love and we are all human'.

In an interview on "CNN Right Now" with Brianna Keilar Wednesday, the senior adviser, Symone Sanders, was pressed about Bendingfield's comments and whether she believed the data being reported by the party was correct.

Warren's third-place finish puts her at a disadvantage moving forward - regardless of her satellite caucus victory in Wisconsin - according to Canon, who said Warren's success at Marquette University is an insignificant predictor of Warren's potential success in additional primaries.

"All the data that was produced by calculations performed by the app was correct. He has a big problem", Axelrod said.

The Iowa caucuses are the first in a series of presidential primaries and caucuses to be held in states across the United States. He asked the party for an audit.

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