Movers Destroy Canadian Virtuoso Angela Hewitt's $250000 Piano

Angela Hewitt

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Hewitt, 61, a Canadian pianist, had finished recording Beethoven's piano variations at a studio in Berlin, where she is making her new album, when she was informed by the specialist movers that the piano had been dropped. While Fazioli makes a larger concert grand piano with a fourth pedal, the F308, it had to custom-build the one for Hewitt's slightly smaller F278 model, placing it where the middle tonal pedal usually goes rather than installing it off to the side.

An extremely rare, $194,000 grand piano was smashed when movers dropped it while taking it out of a recording studio, Canadian virtuoso Angela Hewitt has revealed.

"I adored this piano. It happened ten days ago, and has been such a shock to me that I didn't immediately want to share it with the world", she wrote Sunday.

"The iron frame is broken, as well as much else in the structure and action (not to mention the lid and other parts of the case)", she wrote on Facebook.

Hewitt wrote that it made no sense "financially or artistically" to rebuild the piano - it was simply "kaputt".

But as the world-famous pianist from Canada waited for her movers to haul away the hulking instrument, they tiptoed into the control room and told Hewitt they had some hard news to break.

Her use of the piano is noted on the Fazioli website.

"The movers of course were mortified", she wrote.

Satisfied with the session, Hewitt said she was "feeling elated" as she wrapped up in the control room. "In 35 years of doing their job, this had never happened before".

She lamented the loss of her "best friend, best companion" and that she hoped the lost instrument "would be happy in piano heaven".

The piano had only recently been equipped with new hammers and strings.

She traveled with the prized four-pedal Fazioli when she could, she said in a 2012 interview. "At least nobody was hurt", she added.

"Imagine how much time (Hewitt) spent with this piano". In 2007, a concert grand piano worth £45,000 fell out of a lorry.

The president of Showcase Pianos, which has two locations in B.C., said Fazioli is the preferred brand of some of the world's top musicians, including jazz great Herbie Hancock.

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