$4.5M Lawsuit: Officer Broke Leg Of 110 lb Woman


A $4.5 million federal lawsuit filed against the city of Orlando, FL says 56-year-old June Walker Scott suffered a broken leg when an officer handcuffed her and forced her to the ground following a domestic dispute.

On May 25 Scott was running from an apartment near Colonial Drive and Orange Blossom Trail to get away from her ex-husband, who was threatening to strangle her, the suit claims.

Officer Ossie Battle and Officer Michael Fiorentino-Tyburski pulled up and saw Scott walking away before stopping her at gunpoint, the suit says.

The lawsuit says Scoot was being verbally argumentative with the officers before Battle put her in handcuffs, and “bodily threw” her to the pavement, breaking her left leg.

According to police reports, Scott’s ex-husband was the one that called police alleging that during an argument Scott had grabbed a butcher knife and was threatening him with it.

Scott dropped the knife before exiting the home.

According to the police report, once Battle tried to control Scott, she “continued to yell belligerently and tried to pull away [before] Officer Battle was able to place [her] in handcuffs and directed her to the ground.”

According to the lawsuit, Orlando has paid $3.3 million since 2012 to people who have accused officers of excessive force.

“There is an obvious need for the City of Orlando to train all its law enforcement officers … to avoid excessive use of force incidents,” the suit states. “The City of Orlando’s unwritten official policy … appears to be, ‘We won’t do anything about federal civil rights violations unless the media or a lawsuit makes us.’ ”

The Police Department has been the target of high profile excessive force complaints in recent months. Currently three Orlando officers and a former officer are awaiting trial on criminal charges related to excessive force.

According to the suit, Scott is 5-foot-4, 110-pounds.

The suit seeks $1.5 million in compensatory damages and $3 million in punitive damages.