DHS Loses Hundreds Of Badges, Guns, Cellphones, Credentials

Showcasing a lack of stunning competence, it has came to light that hundreds of badges, credentials, cell phones and guns have disappeared from several agencies attached to the Department of Homeland Security.

According to inventory reports obtained via Freedom of information Act requests pertaining to a 31 month period between 2012 and 2015, over 1,300 badges, 165 firearms and 589 cell phones have gone missing.

The reports show that the majority of the credentials that vanished belonged to employees of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), while others belonged to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) employees.

The lost or stolen guns also mostly belonged to CBP employees, the reports say, though others were cited as belonging to TSA and ICE workers. All associated agencies fall under DHS.

“It’s scary that you’d have that number of credentials out there that someone could manipulate,” retired Secret Service special agent Tim Miller said, who also asserted the revelations lend credibility to serious security concerns amongst federal law enforcement groups.

The DHS maintains that the phones have enough security protocols in place to prevent tampering, but Miller said the badges and credentials could be utilized to allow access to sensitive areas within the agencies.

“The thing that’s particularly concerning is that if you get real credentials, it’s very easy to manipulate them, and you’ve got someone else’s picture on what law enforcement would see as valid,” Miller said. “Then you factor in terrorism, it’s a significant concern that people would run around with authentic credentials and be able to access areas they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.”

The DHS has not disputed the lost, damaged and destroyed report data but said they strive to be “good stewards of government resources” and have improved oversight and reduced the number of lost or stolen items in recent years.

“If a credential holder loses or has their credentials stolen, the holder must report the incident to their supervisor and credential issuance office immediately,” DHS spokesman Justin Greenberg said. “Once the incident has been reported, this information is entered into appropriate DHS and law enforcement databases, which disables use of the lost or stolen item.”

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    Paul Goodwin‎John Oliver
    11 hrs · Edited ·

    Homeland Security was Hornswaggled in my delightfully putrid life altering saga which effervessed from the anals of the bumbling Federal Gubment. This episode evolved followed my hiring of a Homeland Security pilot to moonlight and fly tourists around the Florida Keys. His third day of work he ran out of gas and crashed. Then had me arrested with the complicit arrangements with his Federal Government Border Patrol supervisor. Trust in the Federal Government, law enforcement and politics is an altered reality to a nauseaus cynicism. Gubment corruption might be deemed a more palatable term as ” Enhansed Networking “. This synopsis is long, convoluted and there is way more hysterical bumbling!
    This factual and absurd example of Florida Keys corruption in politics and law enforcement is representative in a microcosm of americas festering injustice as collusion is pervasive from Federal and local politics who are reliant on the “Kings Guard” to maintain the rule of the monarchy. This is all true, and the saga began rather innocuously when Homeland Security was hoodwinked by some 2 bit Florida Keys gangsters impostering as Law Enforcement but acting only as puppets while family members in politics operate the strings.

    I lived in Marathon in the Keys 15 years, until 4/30/2015. I became embroiled in Monroe County Sherriff Rick Ramsey’s family Mafioso, his father Dick Ramsey is a self professed cocaine smuggler with an airplane and Bahamas property and a perpetual Florida Keys politician. Dick Ramsey while brassenly sharing his smuggling stories would by NAME chuckle about missing persons. Tony Diauto was one of Dick Ramsey’s drug mules who did a three year lockup at Eglin federal prison following a cocaine deal gone bad. Diauto for his silence was awarded a $75,000 loan by Dick Ramsey to buy a house. One of Dick Ramsey’s Marathon airport business partners Dan Zeig an X Indiana surgeon who became Marathons most stupendous & monumentous Meter Maid as a law enforcement officer FULLY certified to write parking tickets. Then to become a politician in Marathon , immediatly upon achieving political office he installed his Marathon airport business partner Dick Ramsey in an adjacent city appointment I believe in the city planning dept. ( seems his medical liscence in Indiana has some interesting attachments) My understanding once a LEO becomes a politician a protective veil will be furled by complicit local municipalities? Who will, how you say, Cover for a “Brothers” Indescressions ?
    Multiple INDEPENDENT sources have revealed the Ramsey’s have a family clanship with a high ranking South Florida Federal Law Enforcement official named Manheimer who inoculate them and the “REAL” actors of this nefarious drama including collusional defense attorneys,(Bill Heffernan), local deputies covering for crimes of the Sherriff and political allies, corrupt Judges (Becker)and the State attorney(Mark Kohl) .
    I operated a tourist Bi- plane sightseeing business for 11 years ( without a curtailed flight for maintenance issue) until I hired a Border Patrol pilot Alvin Reinauer from Homstead Florida who Reinauer, his third day of moonlighting ran my plane out of gas and crashed in the ocean 12/26/2011. ( the crash picture was aired nationwide on CNN) NTSB report ERA12LA126. The pilot immediately involved his boss Christopher McGilvra who made calls to the Miami FAA to go after me. Homeland Security, Border patrol was oblivious to the nefarious activities revolving the Sherriff office and did not realize I knew WAY, WAY to much of the family scuttlebutt. When I got in Alvin Reinauers face about running my plane out of gas he again involved his boss Christopher McGilvra who contacted the Sherriff Rick Ramsey to embellish his moonlighting subordinates story. Reinauer lied to a judge, after filing a false report and achieving a restraining order Reinauer lied to have me arressted at my 11 year business. ( three 911 calls vanished with the help of my defense attorney Bill Heffernan, also once a local prosecutor) he also tampered with my witnesses as they refuted a Federal officer and three deputies reports) Reinauer would not go to court as he filed false statements, and a false call to 911.
    My FALSE arrest became a venue of vengeance and defamation by the Sherrif Ramsey and the Florida Keys Bubbas. Upon my arrest at my 11 year business I was booked into Monroe jail my mug shot is first posted as a local transvestite, latter to be changed to another woman ( this woman is proported to be celebrity wife Danille Jonas, a younger maiden shot as Danille Delease) . Also in complicit arrangements the Sherriff/judge/state attorney booked me as ” a repeat sex date violator” to defame and discredit me. ( much later a Miami attorney revealed this was to personally damage me as I should have been charged simply with “Violation of Injunction”) .
    A seven year local firefighter/ EMT, Randy Reid was fired several weeks after an interaction with me on Facebook involving his revelation my mugshot not originating from Monroe County facilities. Randy also stated in writing he knew the local Sherriff office was monitoring me, as soon he friended me on Facebook Monroe County Deputies shunned and ostracized him on emergency calls with regards to his interacting with me. Randy then defended my posts as ” Monroe county’s worst kept secrets” with regards to the Ramsey’s nefarious background.
    Homeland Security was Bamboozled & Hornswoggled by Florida keys gangsters imbeded in law enforcement and the justice system. Homeland Security has visited my house three times related to this ludicrious mess. Brian Flannigan of Homeland Securities Inspector Generals office Washington DC. CALLED me 10/8/2013 ( this date is significant, the same day H. S. announced John Dobson could not publish his book on “Fast and Furrious) Flannigan made mention that H.S. watch my Facebook. A few days later (at the behest of Flannigan) when I made a return call, Flannigan asked me what is the title of my BOOK? Key west FBI agent Rhonda has asked me four times how my book is coming as I revealed to her many times the corruption involving the Sherriff office, which she acknowledged with a response” I can’t say we are not looking at these people” ( but this is way deeper)
    My saga has become of such interest and curiosity to Homeland Security. While in composition of my book I observe a putrid hilarious parallel to Arlo Guthrie’s absurd saga of law enforcement and Federally absurd “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre” (a famous “TRUE ballad”. To pay homage to the idocracy of law enforcement and Justice I made a visit to the “Trinity Church” in Great Barrington, Massachusetts 10/15/2015 ( a benevolent charitable monument to Woody Guthrie, where the foundation feeds the homeless, provides legal service to the indigent, tutors children and provides an intimate venue for artists and musicians to convene) while sharing my saga with George the museum curator ( George is trying to blow me off ) I get to the part about Homeland Security , George gets a funny look on his face and says there was a guy here yesterday from HS, I couldnt understand why.
    This abuse and waste while terrorists attempt to destroy America by frightening Americans of every molecule. Seems they succeeded, Homeland Security is terroised of their own multi faceted bumbling eandeavours !! Only Gubment could enact such ludicrous waste, it seems we need to look at those who administer the Scales and Gavel.
    In a parallel time frame and a continuously evolving saga of Florida Keys law enforcement : In Marathon a drug and murder conspiracy evolved around a local businessman and target of murder, Bruce Schmitt. The only partially resolved crime laments, as the hints, clues, and hunches point to political allies of the Ramsey’s. (A solicitation for ten kilos of cocaine and a side order of murder from a conspirator Dennis Zecca, Zecca, a retired Islamorada coast guard commander ) Dennis Zecca (the murder solicitor) did not even know Bruce Schmitt, the “no money down murder” was a favor for a friend. This conspiracy transpired a MILE from the Sherriff office. The Sherriff Rick Ramsey publicly requested Bruce Schmitt should just forget about the unresolved murder conspiracy. NOW Realize, ten kilos of cocaine is enough to powder the noses of every man woman and child in the small town of Marathon, and Sherriff Rick Ramsey knew nothing!
    Over the years as my delving into public records I unraveled the collusion of the Sherriff, state attorney and Homeland Security/ Border Patrol within my saga. I was continuously harassed by FREQUENT drive byes of my house by Monroe County deputies, Border Patrol and FWC vehicles along with many unmarked Crown Vic’s. ( noted by neighbors and friends, which began following my arrest) From this experience, I recognize the government harasses those who know too much of internal embarrassing crimes! The Internet trolling I have experienced is quite amusing, recognized and acknowledged by others. My Homeland Security dossier must be full of some hysterical gubment multi faceted bumbling shit ?
    A Keys native and long time Keys friend made a poignant statement regarding my saga involving the Sherriff Rick Ramsey. “Either he is incompetent or complicit, neither choice looks too good”.
    I Received a Christmas surprise email detailing a 19 year Sherriff office employee is about to reveal internal Sherriff office corruption. Stay tuned as the employee proported in his email as “HE?” Is in contact with FDLE and the media.
    There is Way, Way more collusion and comical shit in my file administered by thugs in Monroe county municipalities in attempts to vilify me.
    If this wasn’t true my fiction writing would surpass RK Rowlings creativity.