$495,000 Lawsuit: Police Shoot, Kill Drunk Driver After Ordering Him to Move Friends Car


On March 6th, 2011, Carlos Harris, 21, was shot and killed by Baton Rouge police officer Christopher Magee after being told by officers to move his friends vehicle outside of a club despite being drunk.

Police were called to Club Insomnia off Florida Boulevard after receiving reports that Harris’ friend Ryan Domingue was driving recklessly in the parking lot. After Domingue was taken into custody, Officer Magee either told or asked (accounts differ) Harris to move the car despite him telling officers he was drunk, witnesses say.

After running into multiple cars in the parking lot, including police cruisers, Magee opened fire, saying at the time that he worried for his safety. Harris was shot dead. Officers can be heard on the dashcam footage telling Magee not to shoot because there were too many people around.

Watch Dashcam Footage/Local Coverage from WBRZ:

Toxicology reports did confirm Harris was drunk, showing a blood alcohol level of .089 percent. The legal limit in Louisiana is .08.

Harris’ family sued Baton Rouge police for negligence because they believe Harris should never have been instructed to move the vehicle. The family also contests Dominique’s car had a defect and was difficult to maneuver.

Members of the Metro City Council were expected to give final approval to pay a settlement of $495,000 to the family Wednesday, before time ran out because of a heated debate on an unrelated issue. The item is expected to be decided August 13th.

The district attorney’s office has cleared Officer Magee of any wrongdoing and he remains with the department despite also hitting a woman nearby in the wrist with a stray bullet. Police State Daily requests for comment were denied citing “pending litigation.”