Jacob Ramsey

All Charges Dropped Against Cop That Shot Unarmed Man In Face


All charges have been dropped against a Kansas City police officer charged in the nonfatal shooting of an unarmed man, last summer.

Officer Jacob Ramsey,31, was indicted in February on charges of first-degree assault and armed criminal action in the June 24 shooting of 37-year-old Anthony Contreras.

According to prosecutors, the Missouri shooting began when officers spotted Contreras, who was identified as a suspect in a string of 31 thefts from tractor-trailers, on the porch of his home. Before trying to take Contreras into custody, officers had been briefed that he was “known to flee and was considered dangerous.”

An officer said he shouted “Anthony, stop!” but Contreras entered the home and left through the back door. Ramsey, who was positioned at the back of the home, said he ordered Contreras to show his hands, then fired a single shot at Contreras after he dropped his right hand to his side. Ramsey said he believed Contreras was reaching for a gun.

Contreras, who was found to be unarmed, was struck on the left side of his face, causing serious injury to his jaw, teeth and tongue. He has maintained he did not see Ramsey or hear his commands.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said the investigation and legal analysis found that evidence no longer supported the charges against Ramsey within a reasonable doubt citing contradictory witness statements.

“Like all prosecutors, we have a duty to be convinced that evidence supports a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” Baker said Friday. “Our subsequent investigation convinced us that burden could not be met.”

Ramsey, who has been on unpaid leave, will resume full duty with the Kansas City police department.

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