Arizona Officer Filmed Whipping, Stomping K-9


Video has surfaced showing a Peoria, Arizona police officer whipping and then stomping a police dog he was handling.

The footage was recorded by an anonymous woman Saturday at 8831 W. Becker Lane in Peoria as police attempted to search the premises of her neighbors home.

“I heard, ‘I know you’re in there come out with your hands up,'” the witness remarked of the incident, and said what she recorded on her cellphone was “not at all what [she] thought [she] would catch on camera.”

The video shows a not yet identified officer commanding a police K-9 who appears not to be complying with his orders. In response, the officer can be seen walking up to the dog and begin whipping it with a leash before stomping on it.

To be fair, the strikes appear to have not been that vigorous – and the animal didn’t not sustain any serious injuries, but local news outlets have called the footage “disturbing.”

“It didn’t seem right to me,” the woman who filmed the footage said. “I’ve never heard of an officer stomping on a dog or whipping it with a leash. The dog looked like a puppy and it looked like it was terrified of him.”

“I think the officer needs to be disciplined or spoken to at least,” the woman added.

Peoria Police says they are aware of the video and will be looking into the incident.

We are aware of this situation and are conducting a full investigation,” the department said in a statement. “We take matters such as these quite seriously. Our canine partners are valuable members of our team, and we want to ensure that all policies, protocols, and training were followed in this incident.”

Local news coverage containing raw footage: