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Deep State Takes Down Trump Adviser: The Implications For Accountability

Donald Trump

Politics is full of contradictions. Even if they are not expressed philosophically, party politics in particular exemplify inconsistency. Take the recent resignation of Trump administration National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Presented by the Trump White House as a matter of eroding trust, the implications amount to what some have called a “political assassination.” In a briefing on Wednesday, press secretary ...

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How Much Do Taxpayers Pay For Police Misconduct?

Scale with gavel and money

Police brutality and misconduct lawsuits are a point of growing contention for many involved in the political arena. Obviously, victims of police abuse deserve to be compensated for their damages. The problem is that it isn’t the police departments or the at-fault officers themselves that are monetarily held accountable in a misconduct lawsuit. It is the hard working taxpayers of ...

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The Case Against Traffic Laws

traffic signs

The average American pays around 56 percent of their adjusted income in all state, local, and federal taxes – not to mention the hidden tax of inflation courtesy of Federal Reserve meddling, which has devalued our currency by over 95 percent over the last century. If that wasn’t enough, like vultures, highway men of all stripes are sent out by ...

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Why Government Policing Monopolies Can Neither Serve Nor Protect You


In 1920, the great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises expanded on what is known as the “economic” or “socialist calculation problem” in his work, Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth. Mises describes the nature of the price system under capitalism and describes how individual subjective values are translated into the objective information(prices) necessary for rational allocation of resources in society. ...

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Cops: Eating Out The Substance Of Their Own Countrymen

jefferson PSD

Every government employee is morally suspect, this is true. Involved in violent expropriation (taxation), government workers add no net gain to society as they simply confiscate resources from one group to give to another. In fact they provide a net lose as their prima facie existence is dependent on still more tax dollars. State enforcers, like police officers however, have reserved ...

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Political Correctness Means A Draconian Police State

PC policestate

The term “thought police” was popularized by George Orwell in his 1949 dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the book, Orwell’s Thought Police are charged with uncovering and punishing “thought-crime” and thought-criminals throughout the fictional superstate of Oceania. The secret police agency uses propaganda, psychological methods, and omnipresent surveillance to search, find, monitor, and arrest members of society who could potentially ...

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Family Needs Our Help: Sign Petition and Demand a Proper Investigation Into Stewart Peppers’ Death

Stewart Peppers

[ssba] A Tennessee family in still looking for answers regarding the death of 22-year-old Stewart Peppers. Peppers, a champion body builder, died on April 29, 2013 after he was arrested and held for three days in the Washington County jail. Family members, who run the “Justice for Stewart Peppers” Facebook page told Police State Daily that the incident involved an ...

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This Is What Thanksgiving Looks Like In A Police State

thanksgiving police

[ssba] In a show of security theater that exemplifies the further acclimation of the public to the mounting draconian police presence in cities across the nation, the New York City police department deployed a record number of officers to patrol the 89th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade on Thursday. Clad in military style attire and peering off rooftops while pointing ...

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The Surveillance State Couldn’t Prevent The Paris Attacks – So Why Expand It?

attacks in paris

[ssba] In the wake of the unfortunate and diabolical terrorist attacks perpetrated in Paris, the international surveillance and intelligence communities have responded with a predictable refrain: give us more power and give us more money. Never mind that it has been reported that French and German intelligence agencies knew about the attacks one month in advance, only in government does ...

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