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U.S. Police Arrest Someone For Marijuana Possession Every Minute

pot possession

According to the latest national data released by the FBI, at least 620,000 people were arrested for simple marijuana possession alone in 2014 –  a rate of 1,700 people per day, or more than 1 per minute. The numbers, which are under-counted as some states don’t report arrest stats to the FBI, or do so on a limited basis – illustrate that ...

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Half Of U.S. Adults Already In Facial Recognition Database Study Shows


A new study conducted by Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology shows that half of all U.S. adults are already in a facial recognition database accessible by police. According to the study, so many adults are in some sort of facial recognition database because at least 26 states share their Department of Motor Vehicles databases with the FBI, state police, ...

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The Future Of The Drug War: Pot Breathalyzers

pot breath

Amongst the growing acceptance and legalization of marijuana in states across the country, expect the drug warriors to not go down without a fight. Police are already searching and confiscating food in many states under the auspices of combating THC-infused edibles, but as companies compete to be the first to develop handheld breathalyzers that can detect pot, wide adoption by ...

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Feds Transferred $2.2B Worth Of Military Equipment To Police Since 2006


The federal government has transferred around $2.2 billion worth of military gear to local police departments around the country since 2006, according to a new report. Released by the non-profit government transparency group Open the Books, the report, titled The Militarization of Local Police Departments, says the equipment includes “helicopters and airplanes, armored trucks and cars, tens of thousands of M16/M14 rifles, thousands of ...

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Cops Using Social Media Surveillance To Calculate Your “Threat Score”

real time crime center

Police in California are using state of the art surveillance tools to determine an individual’s “threat score” based on social media posts and other public records. According to the Washington Post, the software is being used by the Fresno police department at a $600,000 surveillance center in the San Joaquin Valley, and can analyze billions of data points in a matter of seconds. Fresno’s Real Time Crime Center hold dozens ...

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Hundreds Of Cases Under Review After Cops Resign Amid Planted Evidence Claim


Hundreds of investigations are now under review following the resignation of two Iowa police officers amid accusations that they planted evidence. According to Des Moines police officials, it is believed that senior officers Joshua Judge and Tyson Teut planted drugs on a suspect during a January 2015 case that was then passed on to other investigators. The suspect would ultimately be arrested. ...

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Cop Convicted After Robbing Seasonal Charity To Help Disadvantaged Kids


An Ohio cop has been convicted following accusations that he stole upwards of $26,000 from a joint law enforcement agency fundraiser in Summit County last Christmas. According to a release by prosecutors, Richfield police officer Michael Simmons was hired by the department in 1999 and started overseeing the department’s participation in the seasonal “Shop With A Cop” program when it was launched in ...

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Feds Making Thousands Of Augmented Reality Surveillance Flights Across US

flight data

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security have been running thousands of surveillance missions employing cellphone tracking and augmented reality technologies over US cities. According to an investigation by BuzzFeed News that collected flight data logged by planes registered with the two agencies from the public tracking service, FlightRadar24, over 3,500 surveillance flights took place between mid-August and December of 2015. Augmented ...

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