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Florida Man Arrested For Having Milk Crate Attached To Bicycle


An Auburndale, Florida man was arrested Thursday night by a Polk County sheriff’s deputy after he was spied with a milk crate attached to his BMX bicycle. According to reports, Timothy Troller and another man were stopped at around 10 p.m. when a deputy saw that the crate was clearly marked with the name “Sunshine State Dairy Farms” on its sides. Troller ...

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Listen: Cops Plot To Run Over Man Before Fatally Shooting Him


Dash-cam footage released by Sacramento police shows two officers attempting to run over a mentally ill homeless man with their car before fatally shooting him. Police were responding to calls by residents at an apartment complex that said Joseph Mann was acting erratically on July 11. They were told by dispatchers that Mann was seen with a knife and a ...

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Texas Transit Cop Resigns After Video Shows Vicious Baton Beating


A Houston transit officer has resigned after surveillance video from a train station showed him viciously and repeatedly beating a man with a baton after he was found asleep. Officials announced on Monday that officer Jairus Warren quit his job following an internal review that recommended his dismissal for using excessive force against Darrell Giles in the September 15 incident. Warren and another officer had ...

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‘Disturbing’ Body-Cam Footage Shows Cop Brutalize Cooperative Man


Video has emerged showing a Greensboro, North Carolina police officer brutalizing a compliant man after receiving a call about a suspicious person at his mom’s home. Officer Travis Cole had responded to the house of Dejuan Yourse’s mother on June 17 following a call that indicated a man was viewed with a shovel attempting to break in. Body-cam footage recorded ...

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Man Punched In Face By Cop After Calling 911 For Help Dies


A 21-year-old man is dead after he was reportedly slugged in the face by a Baltimore police officer following a 911 call he made because he was feeling disoriented and needed an ambulance. Tawon Boyd died on Wednesday when doctors couldn’t revive him after the encounter. An autopsy has not been completed yet but police said during their response to the call, ...

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Lawsuit Says Florida Inmate Gassed To Death As He Begged For Help


In a shocking new federal lawsuit, it is claimed that a Florida inmate was killed by corrections officers, who tortured, beat and gassed him to death. According to the lawsuit, 27-year-old Randall Jordan-Aparo was serving time at Franklin Correctional Institution for credit card fraud where he was found dead in his cell wearing only his boxer shorts in March 2010. Jordan-Aparo suffered from ...

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Video Shows Unarmed Pastor Killed By Cop With Hands Raised


Dash-cam and helicopter video has emerged showing an unarmed Oklahoma pastor being fatally shot with his hands raised by a Tulsa police officer on Friday. According to police, 40-year-old Terence Crutcher had approached officers after his car broke down and refused commands to raise his hands and reached into his vehicle. He was first tased by officer Tyler Turnbough and ...

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Lawsuit After Video Shows Cop Snatch Protestor’s Phone, Concoct Charges Against Him


In a federal lawsuit filed against three Connecticut state police officers, an avid police accountability and open carry activist is alleging retaliation and First and Fourth Amendment violations. Filed on Thursday in U.S. District Court by the ACLU of Connecticut, the lawsuit says Michael Picard was demonstrating against a DUI checkpoint being conducted on an Interstate 84 off ramp in ...

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