Officer continues to draw down on canine moments after shooting another

Body Cam Footage: Officer Calls Over Dog Then Shoots it


Body-cam footage taken from the perspective of a Texas police officer has emerged showing the officer calling over two non-aggressive dogs and then shooting one of them.

The short video shows an unidentified Cleburne, TX police officer training his handgun on two dogs while summoning them toward him.

As the animals approach, wagging their tails, the officer fires his weapon several times. One of the dogs is hit and falls to the ground in pain. The officer then continues to train his pistol on the second animal when the video abruptly ends.

Watch the raw footage:

Although the video appears to show nonaggressive animals, Cleburne police say the officer was responding to a 911 call about aggressive dogs in the area.

“The city is obviously concerned about the video showing an officer shooting a dog,” a city spokesperson said in a written statement. “As is often the case, the short video does not tell the whole story. The city of Cleburne takes the safety of our residents, their pets, and our officers seriously.”

In a police report, the unidentified officer writes that he was responding to a call about the aggressive animals around 4 p.m. Monday.

“The black and white dog approached me and I made kissing noises to calm it,” the officer says. “The dog approached and appeared friendly. The dog jumped on my chest and licked my face.

The dogs were a long distance from me and I could not tell they were dogs at the time, due to tall grass and other obstructions. I exited my squad to confirm that they were the reported dogs. The dogs came to me with their tails wagging, and did not immediately seem to be aggressive.

However, when the dogs came within 20 feet of me, one of them (brown male) crouched low and took an aggressive posture and began growling. The other dog (female) appeared nervous. I made kissing noises in an attempt to calm the dogs. I was standing outside the ditch and [the dog] was in the ditch. I raised my duty weapon to the ready position pointed at the growling dog’s head. As soon as I lifted my pistol, the dog began coming up the hill, continuing to growl and display its teeth. The other dog began backing away. I fired three shots at it. It rolled back into the ditch and died.”

The women called police about the dogs told cops the animals were frequently out disturbing neighbors, the report says. The women say the pups had been aggressive to an elderly woman sitting a car, even attempting to bite one while snapping and growling.

Police say an internal investigation into the incident has been launched. The second dog was safely captured by animal control.

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