Body-Cam Footage Released In Police Killing Of Dylan Noble

After a shaky witness video emerged last week, police in Fresno, California have now released body-cam footage of the fatal shooting of unarmed Dylan Noble.

According to police, dispatch had received a 911 call about an armed man on June 25 and officers responded to the scene where they interviewed the individual who made the call and then encountered 19-year-old Noble in his truck.

After approaching the vehicle, officers said Nobel “peel[ed] out” and drove for a period refusing to pull over until he finally parked at a gas station at Shields and Armstrong avenues.

The footage shows officers exit their vehicles and pull out their firearms, pointing them at Noble’s truck. They start shouting at Noble to put his hands outside of the driver’s side window and the teen shows his left hand but not his right.

After a short period of time, Noble exits the truck and one officer can be heard yelling that he was not told to get out of the vehicle. Noble then walks a few steps away from the cops as they move in toward him and repeatedly command him to put his hands up.

Nobel is seen pacing around raising and lowering his hands while the officers continue to shout commands. A cop holding a shotgun then tells Noble that if he makes his way toward officers again, he will be shot.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the officers believed the teen had something in his hand and were already on edge having initially received the call about an armed suspect.

He said following the shooting, it was determined that Noble was holding a 4-inch-by-4-inch piece of clear plastic with some sort of grayish clay inside. That item is currently being analyzed by the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

The footage shows Noble turn toward the officers and yell, “I fucking hate my life” as he takes two steps toward them. A cop with a handgun then fires two shots into Noble, who immediately falls to the ground.

The officers continue to tell Noble to show them his hands as he is lying on his back and Noble appears to be seen moving them up and down his chest and stomach. As a result, the officer shoots the teen again with his handgun.

Noble appears to continue to move his hands up and down his body and the officer with the shotgun tells him that if he doesn’t show both of his hands, he will be shot again. Noble’s hand moves again, and the officer fires his shotgun.

Watch the raw footage:

Following the shooting, Noble was taken to a hospital where he was treated for his wounds, but later died in surgery. Protests have been held in Fresno since the witness video surfaced last week. No weapon was found on him or in his truck.

“After viewing the police bodycam videos and conferring with experts, I am more certain than ever that the shooting death of Dylan Noble was the result of an inexcusable use of excessive force,” attorney Stuart R. Chandler, who is representing the Noble family said. “The City of Fresno must be held full accountable to his family – and for that matter to the community – for this tragic loss of life.”

Chief Dyer insists however, that Noble was reaching for something in his glove box, refused to properly follow around 30 commands, and was concealing his hand suspiciously behind his waistband.

Noble’s family are suing the city of Fresno for damages over the fatal shooting, which is now under investigation by the FBI, the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office and his the Fresno Police Department’s Internal Affairs division.