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Police State Enforcement

Ammon Bundy, Oregon Occupiers Found Not Guilty Of Federal Gun, Conspiracy Charges


Ammon and Ryan Bundy, along with five co-defendants, have been found not guilty of conspiring to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs through intimidation, threat or force during the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge that began on Jan. 2 and lasted 41 days. Jeff Banta, David Fry and the Bundy brothers were additionally found not guilty of federal gun charges – and Kenneth Medenbach ...

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Video Shows Cops Threaten Man With Arrest For Not Turning Over Cellphone


An interaction with Philadelphia police officers live streamed to Facebook shows a man being threatened with arrest if he didn’t turn over his phone as evidence. According to the Philly Voice, Jean-Jacques Gabriel was making his way home on his bicycle along Kingsessing Avenue, between 48th and 49th streets in West Philadelphia, on Tuesday night after 11 p.m. Gabriel spied two individuals stopped by ...

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Internal Memo Reveals Florida Police Department Citation Contest


An internal memo has revealed that a Florida police department incentivized over policing with a citation contest for officers during the weekend of Sept. 10. According to a local ABC affiliate, the memo shows that the Winter Springs Police Department offered a “reward” to the officer who wrote the most citations and made the most arrests. Titled “Delta Shift Weekend Competition,” ...

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Court Documents Reveal Feds Demanded Finger Prints To Open Phones During Raid


Court documents have revealed that federal agents attempted to bypass iPhone security measures by demanding individuals’ biometric information to open the devices during a raid. According to a court filing, the Dept. of Justice searched a Lancaster, California property on May 9 with the “authorization to depress the fingerprints and thumbprints of every person who is located at the SUBJECT PREMISES… believed by law enforcement ...

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National Guard Helicopter Descends On 81-Year-Old Grandma’s Home Over Pot Plant


In a raid that used a military-style helicopter, the Massachusetts National Guard and State Police descended onto the property of an 81-year-old grandmother to seize a single marijuana plant she was growing for medicine. According to reports, South Amherst resident Margaret Holcomb said she was growing the plant in her raspberry patch across the fence from any neighbors in order to ...

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Florida Man Arrested For Having Milk Crate Attached To Bicycle


An Auburndale, Florida man was arrested Thursday night by a Polk County sheriff’s deputy after he was spied with a milk crate attached to his BMX bicycle. According to reports, Timothy Troller and another man were stopped at around 10 p.m. when a deputy saw that the crate was clearly marked with the name “Sunshine State Dairy Farms” on its sides. Troller ...

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Listen: Cops Plot To Run Over Man Before Fatally Shooting Him


Dash-cam footage released by Sacramento police shows two officers attempting to run over a mentally ill homeless man with their car before fatally shooting him. Police were responding to calls by residents at an apartment complex that said Joseph Mann was acting erratically on July 11. They were told by dispatchers that Mann was seen with a knife and a ...

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Texas Transit Cop Resigns After Video Shows Vicious Baton Beating


A Houston transit officer has resigned after surveillance video from a train station showed him viciously and repeatedly beating a man with a baton after he was found asleep. Officials announced on Monday that officer Jairus Warren quit his job following an internal review that recommended his dismissal for using excessive force against Darrell Giles in the September 15 incident. Warren and another officer had ...

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