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Cops Raid Man’s Home After Mistaking Okra Plants for Marijuana

Dwayne Perry

[ssba] A Georgia man is outraged after awaking to find sheriff’s deputies at his door equip with arial support from a police helicopter demanding to search his property for drugs. “They were strapped to the gills,” said Dwayne Perry, describing the paramilitary dress of the officers. Wednesday morning agents from the Governor’s Task Force for drug suppression were flying over ...

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Police Tase 62-Year-Old Woman in the Back as She Walks Away

62-year-old Viola Young falling to her face after being tased in the back by Tallahassee Police Officer Terry Mahan

[ssba] A video released by Florida police shows a Tallahassee officer tasing a 62-year-old woman, who was walking away from him, in the back. Officials say officers responded to complaints about drug sales in a neighborhood around 5:20 pm, Tuesday. The officers detained three people when Viola Young walked up to one of the officers to ask about one of ...

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Albuquerque Cop That Killed Homeless Camper Recorded Saying He Would Shoot Him In Penis Hours Earlier

Albuquerque Police Officer taking aim at 38-year-old James Boyd

[ssba] A recording has emerged of an Albuquerque, New Mexico police officer telling another officer he was going to shoot a homeless camper “in the penis” moments before gunning him down in an infamous desert incident that went viral earlier this year. The March, 16 shooting, which was caught on video, occurred at a campsite in the Sandia Foothills when ...

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Video Recovered After DHS Coerce Man to Delete Footage, Detain For Asserting Right to Remain Silent

Unidentified DHS officer retrieving mans recording smartphone seconds before killing the feed at a 'border' checkpoint in Laredo, TX

[ssba] DHS officers thought they covered all their bases when they arrested a man who recently asserted his constitutional rights at a ‘border’ checkpoint on I-35 in Laredo, TX, but video of the incident they coerced him to delete was backed up by the popular smartphone application Dropbox. Technology one, tyranny zero! Well maybe the tally is more like “technology ...

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Starved Mentally Ill Inmate Dies of Thirst in Solitary Confinement


[ssba] A mentally ill North Carolina inmate who had been held in solitary confinement died of thirst, according to a recently released autopsy report. 53-year-old Anthony Michael Kerr,  was found unresponsive in the back of a van, March 12, after being driven roughly three hours from Alexander Correctional Institution in Taylorsville to a mental hospital at Central Prison in Raleigh. ...

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Dashcam Video: Officer Shoots Man After Telling Him to Get License

SC Highway Patrolman Sean Groubert, 31, opening fire on a black youth after telling him to retrieve his drivers license

[ssba] Video has emerged showing a South Carolina state Highway Patrolman shooting an African-American man who reached into his car after being asked to show his license. The dashcam video shows 31-year-old lance corporal Sean Groubert pull into a Circle K gas station on Broad River Road in Columbia, behind Levar Jones, whom he says was not wearing his seat ...

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Video: Police Throw Pregnant Woman to the Ground

NYPD Officers subduing  the 6-month pregnant, Sandra Amezquita, moments before throwing her to the ground

[ssba] Video captured over the weekend showing an New York City police officer throwing a pregnant woman to the pavement has emerged. The incident took place on 5th Avenue in Sunset Park. Police say they were attempting to apprehend Sandra Amezquita’s 17-year-old son Jhohan Lemos. They received information he was possibly in possession of a knife when several family members, including ...

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Video: Police Officer Repeatedly Punches Loitering Suspect in the Face

Baltimore Police Officer Vincent Cosom connecting the first of many blows to the face of 32-year-old Kollin Truss.

[ssba] A June 15 altercation captured by a City of Baltimore surveillance camera shows Baltimore Police Officer Vincent Cosom repeatedly punching a man in the face who was accused of loitering at a store. 32-year-old Kollin Truss was arrested and the investigation is ongoing but a $5 million lawsuit has been filed against the city. Officer Cosom’s incident report says ...

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