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Video: Texas Cop Executes Handcuffed Suspect

muder cop

[ssba] In early March of  2013, El Paso Police officer Jose Flores shot and killed Daniel Rodrigo Saenz, who had been detained for “erratic behavior” at a supermarket. Saenz was taken to a nearby medical facility to be evaluated, where he allegedly assaulted an off-duty police officer and medical staff. It was here that officers officially placed Saenz under arrest ...

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Video: Cop Punches Pennsylvania Woman In The Stomach Repeatedly


[ssba] A 15-second video posted online shows a Pittsburgh woman suffered a beating from a police officer. The assault occurred Sunday at a gay and lesbian event, Pittsburgh’s Pride in the Street festival. The video shows Pittsburgh police officer Souroth Chatterji Punching 19 year-old Ariel Lawthler in the stomach several times. The video begins with Chatterji tossing Lawthler to the ...

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Unofficial Campaign Against Filming Police Launched in Virginia


[ssba] In what can only be categorized as a state-wide crack down on the filming of police, multiple incidents have emerged this past week alone resulting in the arrest, intimidation, and assault of various Virginia residents. First, in Norfolk on June 7, Police Sergent Peele, who is assigned to the Homeland Security Division, arrested Jeremiah Schwenk for simply recording an ...

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Road Pirates: Atlanta Area Police Writing Double the Tickets


[ssba] Atlanta area police and parking enforcement wing Park Atlanta are taking road pirating to a whole new level. Numbers show they are now issuing almost double the number of tickets normally written in prior years. Park Atlanta wrote 141,000 tickets in 2010. In 2012 they wrote 221,000, according to documents obtained by WSBTV. The city received millions of dollars in ...

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Video: Georgia Man Moving Into New Home Slammed On Ground By Police For Being Suspected Prowler


[ssba] Dhoruba Bin-Wahad, an African-American Atlanta area man, has filed a formal complaint against Clayton County authorities regarding a May 2 incident when police were called to his residence by neighbors reporting a “suspicious” person. “I assumed — apparently incorrectly, and naively — that they were pursuing someone on foot that had fled through my yard, and I was unaware ...

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Video: Cop Violently Wrestles Mother to the Ground, Pries Mouth Open to Retrieve Tylenol Taken in Court Waiting Room


[ssba] Disturbing footage has surfaced of an Ohio Deputy violently throwing a woman to the ground and attempting to pry her mouth open after she took a prescription Tylenol. Siobhan Householder, 35, of Akron, was in a holding area waiting to make a court appearance when she took the medication for a tooth infection. Surveillance footage shows Summit County Sheriffs ...

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