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DOJ Probe Reveals Unconstitutional Strip, Cavity Searches By Baltimore Cops

illegal strip searches

[ssba] The findings of a Department of Justice probe into the Baltimore police department has reveled “many instances in which BPD officers strip-searched individuals without justification – often in public areas – subjecting them to humiliation and violating the constitution.” Released last week, the report details one incident involving officers in BPD’s Eastern District who publicly stripped and searched the anal cavity of a ...

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London Thought Police To Crack Down On Offensive Online Comments

london thought police

[ssba] In yet another confirmation that political correctness means a draconian police state, police in London have set up a “trolling hunting” unit geared toward targeting offensive online commenters. According to the London Mayor’s Office, headed by the city’s first Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, the “online hate crime hub” will be partially funded by the Home Office, which will contribute £450,000 ...

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Woman Fined $700, Threated With Arrest For Selling Tamales


[ssba] In yet another example of the nanny state gone wild, a Texas woman was fined and threatened with arrest for daring to have the audacity to sell tamales in her neighborhood. Dennise Cruz, of Carrollton, said she was dumbfounded to recently receive a warrant arrest notice in the mail from the city saying that she needed to get in touch with the court house or ...

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Innocent Man Killed By Cop From Armored Vehicle Gun Turret

bearcat murder

[ssba] The Los Angeles sheriff’s department has admitted that a deputy killed an innocent man after shooting him from a gun turret in an armored vehicle. Officials said Tuesday that 27-year-old Donnell Thompson was not the carjacking suspect officers were looking for when they responded to a Compton neighborhood on July 28 after the actual perpetrator crashed the vehicle and ...

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Video And Witness Statements Dispute Police Narrative In Fatal Shooting

Darnell wicker

[ssba] Body-cam video and multiple witness statements are shinning a light on a fatal police shooting that occurred early Monday morning in Louisville, Kentucky. In the aftermath of the killing, Louisville Metro officers said 57-year-old Darnell Wicker wouldn’t drop a knife and a saw – and approached them menacingly after they responded to a domestic call at the Broadleaf Arms Apartments. In body-cam ...

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Kentucky Cops Taunt Growers On Social Media After Marijuana Seizure

weed taunt

[ssba] As Kentucky residents continue to organize in support of descheduling cannabis in the state, some officers are taking to social media platforms to taunt victims of the drug war. After receiving an anonymous tip, Grayson County sheriff’s deputies found over 250 marijuana plants they said were worth over $600,000 in a corn field off Highway 54. The seizure occurred on July 29 but no one ...

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Video Shows Kansas City Cop Kill Dog As It Runs Away

dog killed

[ssba] A Missouri woman is outraged and is demanding justice after an officer with the Kansas City Police Department killed her beloved 13-year-old dog, Sierra, in an incident caught on video. North Kansas City resident Brandee Buschman said two officers showed up at her home near Parvin Road and North Cleveland Avenue at around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday after receiving ...

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Woman Assaulted By Cop While Calling 911 To Report Traffic Stop

arrested during 911 call

[ssba] Video of a March traffic stop has been released showing a woman being assaulted by a Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority police officer while attempting to request help from a 911 dispatcher. Houston social worker, Earledreka White, 28, was arrested and charged with resisting arrest after she was pulled over in the 10000 block of South Main Street by officer G. Luca ...

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