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Police State Indoctrination

Video Shows Michigan Cop Handcuff 7-Year-Old At School

7-year-old handcuffed

[ssba] Chrystal McCadden is outraged after she said she was called to Brownell STEM Academy in Flint, Michigan on Otc. 12 to find her 7-year-old son handcuffed by an officer. According to Flint police, the cop responded to a call for assistance with “a child who appeared intent on injuring himself or others [and] used handcuffs to restrain [him].” Details ...

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Video Shows SC Cop Brutalize Female High School Student

class room beating

[ssba] Video has emerged showing a South Carolina police resource officer assaulting a teenage girl at Spring Valley High School in Richland County. The footage shows the student sitting calmly at her desk in the classroom before the officer – identified as Ben Fields – can be seen grabbing her and flipping her desk over. The officer can then be ...

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Lesson Teaching: Cop Handcuffs, Threatens To Take Five-Year-Old To Jail

handcuffed 5yearold

[ssba] A police officer in Miami has received a short suspension after taking it upon himself to introduce a rowdy five year old to “what could happen” if he kept acting up. “I’m worried and furious,” the boy’s mother, Mari Bonilla said. “My son is traumatized.” Officer Paul Gourrier handcuffed and threatened Eneida Harter Elementary School kindergarten student Jose Feliciano ...

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Surveillance Fears After School Outfits Administrators With Body-Cams

bodycams in schools

[ssba] Privacy advocates are up in arms after a school district in southeastern Iowa decided to outfit its administrators with body cameras. The Burlington Community School District will be recording parent and student interactions with principals and assistant principals with small, clip-on video cameras in a move administrators say is about “personal accountability.” The 4,300-student district will be among the ...

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French Police Detain 6-Year-Old Girl For 3 Days Over Suspicious ID

girl in jail

[ssba] Officials in Paris say police held a 6-year-old French girl for three days on suspicion that she had a fake passport until being released into her mother’s custody last week. The girl was detained last Saturday at the Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris after arriving from Cameroon, lawyer, Sidonie Leoue said. She was traveling as an unaccompanied minor ...

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Teens Face Child Porn Charges After Police Launch School Sexting Investigation


[ssba] Two Reading High School students in Ohio may face criminal charges after police launched an investigation involving the confiscation of cell phones they claim contained “inappropriate photos” – when allegations that the photos had been circulated amongst the student body surfaced last week. “An incident was brought to our HS Administration late last week, involving cellphones and inappropriate photos. ...

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