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Police State Indoctrination

Officer Injures 11-Year-Old During Interrogation About School Incident He Witnessed

wrist injury

[ssba] A mother in California claims the Los Angeles police used excessive force against her 11-year-old son without probable cause when they handcuffed him, injuring his wrist, earlier this month. The boy, Andres Munoz, said his injury occurred as a result of being handcuffed by a school police officer at Barton Hill Elementary School, who awkwardly bent it behind his back ...

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Video Shows High-School Resource Officer Tackle Teen

james craft mentor police tackle

[ssba] Video has emerged showing a Ohio resource officer tackle a 16-year-old Mentor highschool student to the ground after attempting to confiscate his electronic vaping device. The boy’s mother, Alicia Craft said the officer told her son, James, to hand over a vapor pen Tuesday afternoon. When he would not comply, the altercation began. “Only thing I see, you know, ...

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Computer Prank Nets Middle-Schooler Felony Cibercrime Charge

14-year-old Domanik Green

[ssba] A 14-year-old Florida middle school student was charged with a cybercrime after authorities said he gained access to his school’s electronic network in order to play a prank on a teacher by changing his computer wallpaper. Domanik Green was charged by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday with an offense against a computer system and unauthorized access, a felony. ...

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Sixth-Grader Suspended For Year, Criminally Charged Over Misidentified Marijuana Leaf


[ssba] An unidentified 11-year-old, 6th-grade student from Bedford Middle School in Virginia was suspended for a year and criminally charged after a leaf was found on his person. Now, six months later, during the boy’s hearing, it was revealed that officials knew the leaf wasn’t marijuana and proceeded with the prosecution anyway, despite three negative field tests. The boy was ...

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DHS, Police Take 7 Homeschool Kids From Parents Over Non-FDA Approved Mineral Supplement

Stanley family photo

[ssba] Seven homeschool children have been ripped from their family by police in Garland County Arkansas because a mineral supplement that was not approved by the federal government was found in their home. The product, called Miracle Mineral Solution, can be purchased online and is used to purify water. The family said the water was used for gardening purposes. The ...

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Police Caught Using Mugshots For Target Practice


[ssba] A Florida National Guardswoman is steamed after discovering her brother’s mugshot at a shooting range where police officers were taking target practice. Sgt. Valerie Deant, said her brother was among several photos of all black suspects used during shooting drills by North Miami Beach police officers. She immediately became upset and called her brother, who had been arrested in ...

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