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Police State Indoctrination

Video: Cops Sing At Charity Event – “And He’s Dead, Dead Michael Brown, Deader Than A Roadkill Dog”

Former federal investigator Gary Fishell singing "The Dead Michael Brown song" at a charity golf event in front of 30 other officers

[ssba] Footage obtained by the Hollywood tabloid TMZ shows a charity golf event at The Glendale Elks Lodge in California in which a performer sings a song celebrating the death of Michael Brown for an audience that included a number of retired and current police officers. The event was thrown by retired LAPD Officer Joe Myers, a 32 year veteran who ...

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Police Entered Home of Home School Family Without Warrant: Tased, Pepper Sprayed Parents, Took Children


[ssba] A Missouri court has ruled against police in a 2011 case involving a homeschooling family that was raided without a warrant, tased, pepper sprayed, and relieved of their children. The police raid was prompted by a social services worker requesting an investigation into the home because it was allegedly “messy.” The family complied with the first inspection, but objected ...

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Video: Cop Pepper Sprays Student At High School Football Game For “Pushing Him”

Unidentified Phenix City police officer shoving 17-year-old high school student Cameron Rader to a railing just moments before pepper spraying the nonresistant teen

[ssba] Video taken at an Alabama high-school football playoff game between Prattville High and Central-Phenix City shows a Phenix City police officer grabbing and pepper spraying an apparently peaceful student spectator. The footage shows Cameron Rader, a 17-year-old senior at PHS, being shoved back through a crowd of students to a railing. There, as the teen stands with his hands by ...

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School District Receives Grenade Launchers, Armored Vehicle From Government

Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle

[ssba] The Los Angeles Unified School District has received an armored vehicle and grenade launchers from the United States military, reports CBSLA. The military hardware at the disposal of LAUSD police officers includes a 20-foot-long, 14-ton armored transport vehicle, the website reports, much like the ones used to move Marines in Iraq combat zones. The armored vehicle, which is worth ...

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School Unveils Biometric Fingerprint Program to “Monitor Student Diets”

Student uses a biometrics fingerprint scanner in the lunchroom at Elyria Highschool in Ohio, 2009 CREDIT: The Chronicle-Telegram

[ssba] Officials at Redhill School in Stourbridge, England, have unveiled their plan to have student fingerprints taken so the school can “monitor their diets.” Students will be required to press their fingers against a high-tech analyzer that will convert their prints into biometric data that will be used to identify each child’s account at the 1,200-student school. The controversial technology ...

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Teens Charged With Felony 2nd-Degree Criminal Mischief For Peeling Bark Off Tree


[ssba] Two Iowa teens face criminal charges for allegedly stripping the bark off a tree. 13-year-old Parker Niles, and his 14-year-old step-brother, Devon Barkem, were charged with “felony second-degree criminal mischief” in connection with removing bark from four to five feet of the trunk of a tree. The incident, which was reported by a neighbor, took place on August 5, ...

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South Carolina Teen Suspended, Arrested For Joking to Kill Dinosaur


[ssba] Alex Stone, a 16-year-old high school student in Summerville, S.C., says he was suspended on the first day of school and arrested for simply making a joke. The joke included a series of mock Facebook statuses for a class assignment in which he made up a story about buying a gun to kill a dinosaur. “I mean, first of all, we ...

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Georgia School Resource Officer Posed as Girl on Facebook For Nude Photos of Young Boys


[ssba] A Georgia school resource officer and track club director was arrested after being accused of posing as a teen girl on facebook in order to solicit nude photos of underage boys, as well as videotaping children in his home without consent. Cameras, computers and thumb drives were recovered from Tri Cities High School resource officer, Keith Tucker’s home on Marcliff ...

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