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Records Supervisor Claims Albuquerque Cops Illegally Altered, Deleted Shooting Videos


The former records supervisor of the Albuquerque police department is claiming in a sworn affidavit that officers illegally deleted and altered videos of shootings and other controversial incidents. According to the nine page affidavit, created by Reynaldo Chavez, one of the incidents in question involved the deadly April 2014 shooting of 19-year-old Mary Hawkes, who was suspected of stealing a car. Chavez ...

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Missing From Police Evidence Room: $408K, 60 Guns, 4700 Bags Of Drugs


An audit of a Massachusetts police department’s evidence room has revealed that thousands of pieces of drug and property evidence, as well as around $408,000, went missing. Braintree police officials released the audit’s findings on Wednesday and stated that the inquiry looked at evidence going back to 1999. What was found was astonishing: heat-sealed drug bags torn or cut open, bags of cash emptied, and the vanishing of ...

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Cincinnati Police Union Demands Extra Pay To Wear Body-Cams

no body-cams

[ssba] Cincinnati fraternal order of police lodge #69 is demanding that city officials give them a pay raise before they agree to officers wearing body cameras. After officials announced last Wednesday that a group of Cincinnati cops were to become the first in the department to wear body-cams, the police union responded by sending a “cease and desist” letter to the city asking for the program ...

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New Jersey Bill Could Ban Drinking Coffee, Eating While Driving

distracted driving

[ssba] If passed by the New Jersey General Assembly, a newly proposed “distracted driving” bill could impose stiff fines and penalties for state residents caught eating or drinking while driving. The legislation defines distracted driving loosely as “any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle.” This could mean almost anything. According ...

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Arrests Down 75 Percent After Philly Decriminalizes Marijuana


[ssba] In an ardent display of just how much the criminal justice system revolves around the drug war, the city of Philadelphia has seen a drastic fall in arrests after decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. In the year since the law took effect, arrests fell nearly 75 percent and arrests and citations combined were still 42 percent below the total arrests ...

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Bill Would Make Hawaii First State To Put Gun Owners In Federal Database

fbi database

[ssba] With the help of police, Hawaii lawmakers have introduced a bill that would make the state the first in the United States to list every law abiding gun owner in a federal database. Introduced by Sen. Will Espero, the bill would place resident gun owners in the FBI’s biometric “Rap Back” database and would notify police any time they are arrested anywhere in the country. ...

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Illinois Police Dept. Removes Body-Cams Because “A Bit Burdensome”

no body-cams

[ssba] Illinois became one of the first states to establish comprehensive rules governing how police use body-cameras when the Law Enforcement Officer-Worn Body Camera Act passed the state legislature last year. The law did not mandate departments use body-cams however, and now, the Minooka Police Department has stopped using them after a six-month testing phase citing a “burdensome” workload as ...

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California Justice Dept. Raids Planned Parenthood Video Maker

David Daleiden1

[ssba] In what appears to be a politically motivated raid, the California Dept. of Justice seized a computer and electronic storage devices from the home of David Daleiden on Tuesday. Founder of the Center for Medical Progress, Daleiden is the activist that embarrassed Planned Parenthood last year after releasing multiple videos purportedly showing them haggling over the price of baby parts. Just to ...

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