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The Myth Of The War On Cops Is Really A War On You

the myth of the war on cops

[ssba] Among the recent high-profile killings of police officers around the county, police supporters and “conservative” pundits the nation over are railing against a perceived “war on cops.” But what is the truth? According to data collected by the Officer Down Memorial Page, which tracks police deaths, there is no recent upward trend in the killing of police officers. In ...

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Investigator Fired After Refusing To Reverse “Unjustified” Police Shooting Findings

lorenzo davis

[ssba] An independent investigator tasked with reviewing police shootings in Chicago has been fired after resisting orders to reverse his findings implicating the actions of officers as “unjustified.” 65-year-old Lorenzo Davis served in the Chicago police department for 23 years. As a commander, he headed detective units, and the department’s Austin district and public-housing unit. He retired from the department ...

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Officers Resign After Officials Try To Get Top Businessman Off Hook


[ssba] The entire police force of the small Oklahoma community of Chelsea is resigning amongst allegations city officials tried to get an influential citizen out of an arrest. The controversy first erupted in March when a Chelsea police officer arrested top area businessman, Brian Haggard, under suspicion of DUI. Other city officials were then accused of trying to get him ...

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FOP Attempts To Block Reforms Making Names Of Murdering Cops Public

Fraternal Order of Police lodge 5, in Philadelphia

[ssba] The Fraternal Order of Police in Philadelphia is challenging a recent decision by city police officials to make the names of officers involved in on-duty shootings public. Lodge 5 of the F.O.P. filed an unfair labor practice complaint Wednesday with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, saying the policy change was instituted without union approval. “This unilateral change is contrary ...

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Man Required To Pay Attorney Fees For Officer Who Killed Dog

Sean Kendall and dog, Geist

[ssba] A Utah man whose dog was killed by a police officer last year found out this week that if he wishes to pursue civil litigation, he will be facing an uphill battle. Sean Kendall’s dog Geist was shot by a Salt Lake City police officer, but a law passed in 2008 designed to protect cops from frivolous lawsuits, will ...

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Supreme Court Limits Warrantless Police Snooping Powers

supreme court hotel records

[ssba] The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that police cannot force hotel and motel owners to let them search through guest registries without first giving them a chance to go before a judge. The 5-4 decision repealed a Los Angeles law that required hotel and motel owners to keep lists of their guests and let the police inspect them on ...

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Dept. Firearm Change Turns LA County Deputies Into Keystone Cops

keystone cops

[ssba] Accidental gunshots by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies have more than doubled from 12 in 2012, to 30 last year. Officials say the increase occurred because deputies are adjusting to a switch in the departments standard issue firearm from the Beretta 92F to the Smith & Wesson M&P9. In one December, 2014 incident, a sheriff’s deputy in Compton approached ...

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