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Police State Punishment

Philadelphia Residents Slam Police Brutality at Justice Dept. Town Hall Meeting: 52 Dead in 2012 Alone

murdered by police

[ssba] Angry Philadelphia residents – most of them African American, including several mothers who said their sons had been unjustly shot by the police – met with a US Justice Department team Thursday. The two-hour long City Hall meeting was part of an investigation into the Philadelphia Police Department’s use of deadly force. The department itself recently launched a probe ...

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Arrested, Suspended: Philadelphia Police Officer Ran Teenage ‘Fight Club’


[ssba] A Philadelphia police officer was arrested, and “suspended with intent to dismiss” as part of an Internal Affairs/ District Attorney Investigation Tuesday, after being charged with assault and other crimes pertaining to her involvement in several fights involving teenage children. 35-year-old Tamika Gross, a seven-year veteran of the department, “encouraged and participated in fights between her children and other ...

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100s of Albuquerque Protestors Hold Mock Trial for Police Chief: Undercovers Infiltrate

Credit: Amy Dunn

[ssba] The Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Department has had 40 police shootings since 2010. 26 of them led to suspect deaths, prompting the United States Department of  Justice to issue a report critical of the agency’s use of force. Saturday, protesters petitioning for policy changes regarding the departments use of force employed a unique tactic. A mock trail of controversial ...

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Maryland Police Officer Convicted of Shooting Handcuffed Man in the Back


[ssba] A former Maryland police officer was convicted on charges of shooting an unarmed, handcuffed suspect who was running away from him in the back, on Tuesday. District Heights officer Johnnie Riley was found guilty of both first and second-degree assault as well as “the use of a handgun in the commission of a crime,” reports WJLA. According to court ...

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