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Police State Surveillance

Anaheim Police Using Cell-Site Simulators To Spy On Disneyland Tourists

dirtboxes on a plane

[ssba] For years, police in Anaheim, California have been using extensive surveillance equipment to eavesdrop on the cell phone calls of the local population, as well as the 16 million-plus Disneyland tourists the area receives annually, new documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California say. Published on Wednesday, the documents show that a massive and sophisticated cell phone surveillance program has existed ...

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Scope Of FBI Data Collection Revealed For First Time After Gag Order Removed


[ssba] Requiring no approval by a judge, so-called “National Security Letters” are a type of administrative subpoena issued by the federal government for “national security” purposes. Used since the late 1970s, the use of the Letters was vastly expanded following the authorization of the Patriot Act in 2001, and will continue to be issued in their present form under the ...

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NSA “Ends” Bulk Phone Surveillance Program But Not Really


[ssba] The Obama regime said Friday that the once-secret NSA bulk phone surveillance program exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013 will be halted on Sunday – but little is actually changing. The program expired on June 1 when Section 215 of the Patriot Act lapsed. Congress revived that provision on June 2 however, with the Freedom Act, but said the ...

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The Surveillance State Couldn’t Prevent The Paris Attacks – So Why Expand It?

attacks in paris

[ssba] In the wake of the unfortunate and diabolical terrorist attacks perpetrated in Paris, the international surveillance and intelligence communities have responded with a predictable refrain: give us more power and give us more money. Never mind that it has been reported that French and German intelligence agencies knew about the attacks one month in advance, only in government does ...

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New Snowden Docs: Surveillance Program Mapping Every Website You Visit


[ssba] Newly released Snowden documents reveal that the British government has been running a secret web surveillance program far more intrusive than anything the NSA could imagine. According to The Intercept, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) launched a program in 2007 that pulls web data from intercontinental data cables designed to map every single user on the internet. The program, named ...

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Feds Will Now Require Warrants For Use Of Cell-Site Simulators Like Stingray

Stingray systems may look arcane but they have the ability to trick your cell phone into connecting to it in order to access your data

[ssba] Despite the FBI saying earlier this year that search warrants aren’t required to deploy data interception technologies in public places, the Department of Justice said Thursday that federal agents must now obtain warrants in most circumstances. A USA Today investigation published late 2013 first revealed that at least 25 police departments across the country own and operate whats been ...

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UN Privacy Chief: Surveillance “Worse Than Orwell Could Ever Have Imagined”

worse than orwell

[ssba] UN Privacy Chief Joseph Cannataci is calling for a “Geneva convention style law” for the internet to “safeguard data and combat the threat of massive clandestine digital surveillance.” Cannataci told the Guardian that government surveillance oversight in places like the U.K. “is a joke,” and said the modern electronic surveillance-state is worse than anything George Orwell could have imagined. “Some ...

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Federal Court Grants Discovery Of DEA Mass Surveillance Program

dea vs eff

[ssba] A judge in a federal court in Los Angeles has granted motions of discovery filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in a lawsuit on behalf of Human Rights Watch to examine the the constitutionality of the DEA’s bulk surveillance program. The lawsuit, filed in April, asked the judge to declare the surveillance operation government officials say has now been ...

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